Tuesday August 9, 2011

Our uk distributor, Sony dadc was burnt down in last night’s riots, so all our UK stock is gone.

Alternative arrangements are being set up, and we’ll be moving in stock from Europe to cover, as well as remanufacturing as rapidly as possible.

Although we’re well stocked at retail with key current titles, there will inevitably be some stock shortages in the near term, so please bear with us while we work on this.

That’s the bottom line in a succinct announcement, and it will impact on the catalogue availability and new releases. We kept much of our bulk holdings at the Sony warehouse but fortunately the This Mortal Coil boxes and Throwing Muses sets are still in transit, so we haven’t lost those.
My sympathies go out to the smaller independent labels who will be hard pressed to survive a loss like this.

Posted by Back Cat


  1. Just saw that on the news. Very sorry to hear the news. We have a lot of friends in London, so we’re keeping tabs on activity.

    — mqhanlon · Tuesday August 9, 2011 · #

  2. Such pointless destruction. Hope you get back on your feet soon!

    — Stuart McDonald · Tuesday August 9, 2011 · #

  3. re: Back Cat
    Is the archives for This Mortal Coil safe? It was my understanding that you had it in New York.

    Tony Straka · Tuesday August 9, 2011 · #

  4. That’s a good point. I hope he fire is only affecting actual stock for sale, not label archives (ie. tapes, etc). That would make the loss truly tragic.

    — Timothy King · Tuesday August 9, 2011 · #

  5. I’m sorry to learn about the loss of human life, this and all the other businesses that have been affected by the extreme immoral behaviour manifested by youths. Disgraceful and sickening. I hope the authorities will look deeply at the real root cause of what we have witnessed and take intelligent action.

    — Jamil Ahmad · Friday August 12, 2011 · #