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Wednesday December 21, 2011

We’re delighted to be issuing the Cocteau Twins’ compilation Stars And Topsoil as a double vinyl LP on 6th February. Based around the artwork for the original CD release, there are notes by the author Alan Warner (read this man! Try The Sopranos) and this first edition is pressed on heavy, white vinyl. Disc mastering is by John Dent
One thing that was never corrected from the original sleeve is the players’ credits. Robin is listed as ‘guitars’ and Simon as ‘bass’ but in reality both contributed piano, bass and guitars (and more) across the history of the recordings. So now you know.

In the USA the release is on regular, black vinyl but there will be copies of the European white vinyl edition available from the 4AD STORE

UK based stores include


As regular readers know, we’re not fans of the quality of mp3 but the reality it’s uneconomical to make (and keep) many items available in physical format, so it’s a practical compromise. The first release has a story attached…
Ivor Perry was in the band Easterhouse) who released albums on Rough Trade in the 80’s (and was considered as a replacement for Johnny Marr in The Smiths). Influenced by the Manchester club scene, he moved into a dark electronica, releasing two singles on CityBeat (from whence sprang XL Recordings) and, after the demise of CityBeat, a further two releases on the Vector imprint. Only a couple of these were on CD, so now all the recordings have been collected on a singles compilation. Earlier this year Ivor got in touch requesting digital copies of his recordings (he only had vinyl) and he also mentioned an unreleased album. If memory serves, there was a staff change at the label so the album was shelved. While sorting through the DAT’s there was seemingly a track called Dystopia but it transpired this was the potential title for the album, which was all there, mixed and sequenced. Consequently, nearly 20 years later, we are finally releasing the music.

Now that the MASK Omnibus box set has sold out, we’re making the live album available as a download. This was recorded in London in 1981, when Bauhaus were arguably at the pinnacle of their power, it is the entire show remixed by Mark Wallis with Pete Edwards in 2008 and featuring some of their most intense recorded performances. A treat.

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  1. Re: “MASK Omnibus box set has sold out”

    At the moment, Amazon in the USA still seems to have some available. I guess anybody who is still on the fence about buying one better make their move soon!

    — Durga · Wednesday December 21, 2011 · #

  2. Is 6 February the correct release date for the Cocteau Twins compilation Stars and Topsoil? I bought the album today from my local record store. The white vinyl edition CAD 2k19

    — Piet · Friday December 23, 2011 · #

  3. What is the source for the new cocteau Twins lp? Original master tapes, or just a cd thrown on an lp?

    — Jim · Tuesday December 27, 2011 · #

  4. Piet – Which country are you in? Worldwide release is meant to be February 6th / 7th so someone has goofed…
    Jim – Sadly the economics of vinyl production didn’t permit the use of the analogue masters for this release. Using a mastering room like Loud isn’t cheap as they aim for great results whatever the source. If we’d gone back to the analogue tapes and done 96/24 transfers, we’d have had to replicate all the original expense of creating a compiled master and Robin G would have had to oversee the transfers etc. Basically several thousands of £££. With expected sales of a couple of thousand copies (catalogue vinyl doesn’t generate big numbers) the figures don’t add up. Despite the digital source (the original 1630, not a CD) I think Loud have done a commendable job and the vinyl sounds good.

    — Backcat · Friday December 30, 2011 · #

  5. I’m living in The Netherlands

    — Piet · Friday December 30, 2011 · #

  6. HI – very interested in the Parchman downloads.When we these be available and from where?

    — john · Wednesday January 4, 2012 · #