Essential 4AD in FACT

Tuesday January 31, 2012

There’s an interesting personal selection of 10 essential (early) 4AD releases in the latest edition of FACT magazine. I’m sure everyone could tweak it to their own tastes and preferences (good to see some left-field choices like Dif Juz and Pieter Nooten / Michael Brook (recently re-issued on a limited pressing, folks ) but I have to agree that each release mentioned has it’s merits and if you disagree then you can do your own list.
FACT magazine – 10 essential 4AD releases

Posted by Back Cat


  1. Nothing wrong with that list other than the inclusion of Pump Up The Volume at the expense of Throwing Muses. Tut. Some people. :P

    Just out of interest though when will the C-O-L-O-U-R-B-O-X stop teasing and throw out a bit more info??

    — Stuart McDonald · Wednesday February 1, 2012 · #

  2. Is there anything special about the limited pressing of “Sleeps with the Fishes” in comparison with the original CD release? Sound quality? Packaging/artwork?

    Matt Buckmaster · Thursday February 2, 2012 · #

  3. Steve, please don’t omit anything from the Colourbox release. This will be the last opportunity to do it right and include all the singles and versions. We don’t need another GAD2107CD disappointment.

    As for Sleeps With The Fishes, it looks pretty much like the 1987 CD except for new disc design and some refurbishments for the design, like a bar code, 4AD web address, etc. Sounded good to my ears as well. The Tallahassee jewel case version from The Mountain Goats is a beautiful transition to jewel case from digipack.

    — Fedge · Friday February 3, 2012 · #

  4. The one thing I would really want to see from another Colourbox reissue would be the 12” version of “Say You”, along with “Fast Dump”, and frankly all the other stuff that never made it onto CD (like the other bits from the bonus album). Their catalog is such a hodgepodge as things stand…

    — Timothy King · Tuesday February 7, 2012 · #