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Friday February 10, 2012

With the Cocteau TwinsStars And Topsoil collection released on vinyl last Monday, I should do an update status on other titles in the pipeline. Mostly it’s vinyl re-issues and editions but there will be a Colourbox announcement on Monday (and if I’ve programmed it right, full details will magically appear in the releases section at 10.00am).
Other projects in the works is a belated 10th anniversary pressing (one year later) of The Avalanches’ Since I Left You on vinyl and an Expanded Edition of The CharlatansTellin’ Stories once again, on vinyl which should make a fine souvenir of the live dates the band will be playing to celebrate, let’s see, that’s the 15th anniversary of the album’s release. If I had cake for every anniversary I’d be a rotund man indeed…

COCTEAU TWINS – Stars And Topsoil – a collection 1982-1990 – VINYL – 6 February 2012
INTERPOL – Turn On The Bright Lights – VINYL – 5 March 2012
GOTAN PROJECT – La Revancha Del Tango – VINYL – 5 March 2012
INTERPOL – Antics – VINYL – 26 March 2012
BIFFY CLYRO – Blackened Sky (Expanded Edition) – VINYL – 2 April 2012
COLOURBOX – 4 x CD Box set – 21 May 2012

I know that some stores follow this blog, so just to let you know we’ve re-pressed a few titles which have been out of stock lately or for a while. Order them next week!

RED HOUSE PAINTERS – Retrospective – DAD 9013CD
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – Prayers On Fire – GAD 104CD
COCTEAU TWINS – Lullabies To Violaine Vol. 1 – DAD 2513CD
MARK LANEGAN – Bubblegum – BBQCD 237
TUBEWAY ARMY – Tubeway Army – BBL 4CD
BASEMENT JAXX – The Singles – XLCD 187
DIZZEE RASCAL – Boy In DA Corner – XLCD 170
DIZZEE RASCAL – Maths + English – XLCD 273
THE PRODIGY – Experience – XLCD 110
COCTEAU TWINS – Garlands – GAD 211CD
COCTEAU TWINS – Blue Bell Knoll – GAD 807CD
BAUHAUS – The Sky’s Gone Out – BBL 42CD
THE CHARLATANS – Tellin’ Stories – BBL 190CD

NB. These are not re-issues, just re-presses of existing titles

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  1. It would be fantastic if the Colourbox announcement is for a collection of ALL the single/EP/bonus tracks. Or better yet, an “Everything” collection (like the Tones on Tail collection, but including the 12” versions).

    — Timothy King · Saturday February 11, 2012 · #

  2. Nice! Colourboxbox. The BBC sesions is a bit of a bonus as well! :) Much sooner than I expected though – hope it’s not quite as expensive as the TMC one. :s

    — Stuart McDonald · Monday February 13, 2012 · #

  3. Very relieved and pleased with the Colourbox announcement. This will be the longest three months, hehe. Almost like the anticipation that built over the TMC box. Thank you Steve, Martyn, Ivo and all at Beggars for this!

    — Fedge · Monday February 13, 2012 · #

  4. Just seen the Colourbox announcement. Wow – it’s eveything that I had hoped for and more (the addition of the BBC sessions is an unexpected bonus). The May release date can’t come soon enough.

    — Sean · Monday February 13, 2012 · #


    NEVER ever did I imagine it’d be THIS comprehensive! – I expected probably 2 discs, maybe 3 if we’re really lucky…BUT 4 whole discs!? Can you give any details/background on those BBC sessions; who were they recorded for & when? Are those tracks early versions of later songs &/or are there new unreleased ones included? – I never knew they’d even done any radio sessions…
    WOW – I just can’t wait to hear it all! Have you decided on the kind of packaging you’re going for yet; exactly like the omnibus sets or something a bit/completely different? I’m sure it’ll be nice if v23 are involved in any way…
    Great job getting it on track!, & with Martyn on-board too; I’d like to pre-emptively thank/congratulate everyone involved – if this indeed matches the quality of the previous Bauhaus, The Fall, Throwing Muses & (especially) TMC releases…
    I must agree with Fedge – it’s gonna be a l-o-n-g 3 months…

    — Glen Smith · Monday February 13, 2012 · #

  6. As thrilled as I am about this, something was mentioned in the description that got me thinking…

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of “Pump Up The Volume.” It would be possible to release a single CD with all UK and US 7” and 12” versions of the song and its B-side, and the whole thing would clock in at just a smidge over an hour. That would leave enough room for the video. A second CD with demos and isolated samples would seriously sweeten the pot.

    A “box set” commemorating 4AD’s only #1? How could you not?

    — Adam · Monday February 13, 2012 · #

  7. Where is this announcement? I can’t find anything on the 4AD (nothing) or Beggars Archive (only the Flash banner announcement with no details). VERY curious to hear more info…

    — Timothy King · Tuesday February 14, 2012 · #

  8. Never mind. I found it under the Releases link. But why hide it?

    — Timothy King · Tuesday February 14, 2012 · #

  9. is there any indication of retail price for colourbox?

    — john · Wednesday February 22, 2012 · #

  10. USD$30 for 4 discs – what a bar-goon!

    — fedge · Friday February 24, 2012 · #

  11. Re: Cocteau Twins 30th Anniversary
    Following the release of the beautifully presented “Stars and Topsoil” White Vinyl compilation & the exquisite Cocteau Twins Boxset 1.
    I would love to hear that there are plans to re-release Cocteau Twins 4AD era LPs and Eps in either further Boxsets i.e Boxset 2 could contain eps – lullabies to Loves Easy Tears Boxset 3 containing Lps Victorialand to Heaven or Las Vegas. Or maybe SACD mini lp sleeve formats as with the dead can dance series of SACD releases.
    Equally i would love to see a 4ad career spanning retrospective of all Cocteau twins releases akin to the superb Monitor Box Set released via Artists in residence for the Pixies.
    As much as I love the Boxset #1 & the Stars and topsoil white vinyl releases It would be I my humble opinion to truly shameful over-site by Beggers / 4AD to not release a fully comprehensive vinyl / cd / dvd boxset to celebrate this most truly brilliant & unique of bands that is Cocteau twins.
    After all along with DCD & Pixies Cocteau Twins are undeniably the most essential and important bands ever to be signed to 4AD & IMHO the most amazingly brilliant band of all. So it is a heart felt and respectful plea Please please please let us know that a fully comprehensive boxset is in production ;-)
    fond affections

    — Simon Thornhill · Saturday February 25, 2012 · #

  12. Any firm release date for the box sets of Bauhaus’ ‘The sky’s gone out’ and ‘burning from the inside’?

    — Mark Porter · Friday March 2, 2012 · #

  13. Any release date foe the Avalanches reissue?

    — daftande · Sunday March 11, 2012 · #

  14. 1.Soooooo… Here we are in 2012… The Cult’s ‘Electric’ was released in 1987… I believe that makes it 25 years old… Perfect time for an ‘Omnibus’ edition, don’t you think? :0)

    — Alan · Monday March 26, 2012 · #