Tuesday February 14, 2012

I thought they had sold out and been deleted long ago, with sellers on Amazon asking up to $90 each for some titles but, on analysing stock holdings around the world, we discovered that Greece had a stash of each title. It’s not big quantities so we are initially making them exclusively available through the 4AD store.

These SACD copies were mastered by the audiophile Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (who have issued vinyl on two titles) and manufactured in Japan, in paper sleeves. Though SACD is a niche, high resolution digital format and needs a separate player, the discs are hybrid so they also have a ‘layer’ that plays on regular CD players.


PS. Dead Can Dance will be re-uniting for a world tour in 2012

PPS. The rare BAUHAUS And Remains… CD (see releases) is now exclusively available through the 4AD STORE

Posted by Back Cat


  1. “Garden of Arcane Delights” was issued separately from the first self-titled album on SACD. It’s also the only one I never tracked down. You say there’s a “stash of each title”, but I don’t see that one listed for sale on the 4AD page- is this an oversight, or is it not available? Thanks!

    Matt Buckmaster · Thursday February 16, 2012 · #

  2. Promise? :) Thanks- great customer service!

    Matt Buckmaster · Saturday February 18, 2012 · #

  3. Second the great customer service. Am appreciative of the whole continuum of this site: advance notice, frequent updates, and specific details about every release date & purchase info. (Plus, let’s not forget the obvious appreciation Beggars/4AD has for its rich back catalogue.)

    My thanks to you Back Cat for all the time and care you put into all this. Just wanted to share that I just purchased four of these great DCD SACD titles (that I missed the first time around) because I feel it important Beggars know when sales result from this site specifically. Thanks again.

    — Kirk · Sunday February 19, 2012 · #

  4. Colourbox Box now on! Only £26.99! That’s almost giving it away! :D

    — Stuart McDonald · Monday March 5, 2012 · #

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the DCD SACD. Just received both “Spleen” and “Spiritchaser”… this now makes my collection complete…. ;)

    — Jose · Monday March 5, 2012 · #

  6. Hope all the DCD SACD will be re-released one day. So I’ll have a chance to collect a whole set. Or even better: re-released in blu-ray audio some day! That would be great!


    — Tim · Saturday April 7, 2012 · #

  7. Just today (May 9), the Garden of the Arcane Delights SACD showed up for sale in the 4AD store. I ordered a copy. These four songs are certainly worth the $22 (unlike the preposterous $193.45 currently found elsewhere).

    — Larry · Wednesday May 9, 2012 · #

  8. I was just lucky. I had planned on ordering a couple of titles the day before, and Garden wasn’t available. Yesterday, when I went back to actually place my order, there it was! (What a nice surprise.)

    I live in Denver, and this August will be the third time I’ve seen them here. I’m very much looking forward to it, of course.

    — Larry · Thursday May 10, 2012 · #

  9. Thanks for the reminder!

    I finally managed to order the remaining titles! Now I should have the full set (without the box).
    I still couldn’t figure out why I did not get the box when it was released back then..sigh

    — Tim · Friday May 11, 2012 · #

  10. the Garden of the Arcane Delights SACD is OOS again. If you don’t have a SACD player, the songs are included in the Dead Can Dance (remastered) CD as well.

    — Tim · Tuesday May 22, 2012 · #