BAUHAUS re-issued on vinyl

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Well, the first two albums anyway. The European releases also have a CD of the album which, sadly due to the quirks of the USA publishing system, isn’t available in America (and it’s very hard to clear download codes on catalogue with the major publishers over there too). And another thing… The distributor is changing in the UK this month so the release has been put back to 18 February to ensure a smooth supply – they are both available now for pre-order price guarantees.

The albums were among the first re-issued by Vinyl 180 a few years back but these are back on 4AD and Beggars Banquet. For more details see the release pages.


Posted by Back Cat


  1. Do these use the same source file as the Vinyl 180’s? Vinyl 180’s say they were remastered from original tapes (note: not cut from original tapes). I have the In the Flat Field from Vinyl 180 but not Mask. I just want to know if there is a significant difference between the two.

    Also, will we see some more Bauhaus Omnibus editions?

    — Jim · Wednesday January 30, 2013 · #

  2. “opportunity to purchase re-mastered versions of Sky’s and Burning” – this is great news, thank you!

    Please consider assembling the peripheral singles/b-sides on these discs ala BEGA 42 CD and BEGA 45CD. Or perhaps an “..and remains” style limited bonus run? New discoveries aside, my hope is in having consistent remasters of the whole catalogue. Still, glad to hear these two titles will be getting some love.

    — Robert · Thursday January 31, 2013 · #

  3. Thanks! Really good to hear about Burning and Sky.

    Bummer about the omnibus editions. They are amazing.

    I really like Robert’s idea of combining some of the other releases.

    Oh.. do you know what source was used for the 4 Men With Beards pressings? Was it a cd?

    — Jim · Thursday January 31, 2013 · #

  4. Just to make an observation on the two vinyl re-issues, the attention to detail is superb and the transfer / reproduction, on the sleeves in particular, clearly shows the care that has been given to this project.

    — Andrew Brooksbank · Tuesday February 5, 2013 · #

  5. Sad to hear about the Omnibus editions. Those are some of my favorite albums I own.

    — Nick · Tuesday February 5, 2013 · #

  6. Are the rest of The Fall omnibus editions scrapped as well? Could we do some kind of KickStarter thing to get them out? The others sold out so surely they couldn’t have made a loss?

    — Grey · Wednesday February 6, 2013 · #

  7. Maybe you could consider no frills Omnibus Editions for Sky’s Gone Out and Burning From The Inside, including a digital PDF booklet either on disc 1 or as a download link… Piracy considerations aside, there must be some way to release and make money from rare, unheard music that you have the rights for, even if the mastering is done in-house for the previously unreleased tracks.

    — Saudade · Wednesday February 6, 2013 · #

  8. Thanks so much for answering questions about the releases.

    Any extra bauhaus releases would be hugely appreciated!

    — Jim · Thursday February 7, 2013 · #

  9. Like Grey says Kickstart or Pledge Music – I’m sure you could get enough pledges to finance the release of these last two albums. And from what I remember most of the work is already done so that’ll get paid back. Killing Joke and the March Violets (amongst others) have done them.

    — Appick · Thursday February 7, 2013 · #

  10. I really think there are enough Bauhaus fans that you could do an amazing and successful kickstarter campaign. I would love to see some well done vinyl reissues of the remaining lps and the harder to find stuff..

    — Jim · Monday February 18, 2013 · #

  11. The Fall omnibus editions were very popular on the Fall forum – I’m sure the visitors there could fund a KickStarter thingy for the remaining albums alone.

    — Grey · Tuesday February 19, 2013 · #