Friday February 22, 2013

It’s been a long gestation but finally we can announce the first releases in a series of five album box sets.

With limited rack space available, few stores can stock artist’s catalogues in depth. Equally it’s increasingly difficult for labels to justify manufacturing the slower selling titles. Most acts have one or two titles in their catalogue that sell regularly but it’s invertible that other titles have a more limited demand.
To combat this, and keep albums available digitally in a higher sound quality format, Beggars Archive is introducing a series of 5 Album CD box sets. We’re aware this may be the last chance to present the albums as physical releases in the foreseeable future, so the sets are targeted at both fans and casual buyers who are interested in the artists but may not know their work in depth. Depending on the current status of the digital masters, some sets will feature re-mastered albums and additional bonus material, including un-released tracks if we have them. Additionally there will be entirely new compilations included where appropriate.

Contained in a ‘clamshell’ box, the individual albums are in vinyl replica wallets with colour labels and there will also be a six page booklet detailing all the credits from the original release, making them concise and economical packages to explore.

The series will be launched with artists from outside the four core Beggars Group labels and over the spring / summer will include sets from Gary Numan, The Charlatans, Bauhaus, The Fall, Love And Rockets, Natacha Atlas, Buffalo Tom, The Icicle Works, Gene Loves Jezebel and Fields Of The Nephilim.

Launching 13 May 2013 with…

Drawing on his later tenure at Beggars Banquet, this set covers the albums recorded between 1981 and 1983. In 1981, Numan announced his retirement from live performance, playing three farewell concerts at Wembley Arena just prior to the release of Dance. His retirement proved short-lived, but when he returned in 1982 with I, Assassin, some of his popularity had dissipated — perhaps because of the retirement announcement, perhaps because the charts were overflowing with synth pop, much of which was already expanding on Numan’s early innovations. I, Assassin was another Top Ten album, and “We Take Mystery (To Bed)” another hit, but in general Numan’s singles were starting to slip on the charts; the title track of 1983’s Warriors became his last British Top Ten hit.

1. Living Ornaments ’81 part 1
2. Living Ornaments ’81 part 2
3. Dance
4. I, Assassin
5. Warriors

A very comprehensive collection of the band’s recordings from their first incarnation 1985-1989. Under-appreciated in Europe (where the expectation was for these ex-members of Bauhaus to produce sombre, dark ‘Gothic’ music), Love And Rockets were capable of a far more colourful sonic palate, as these CD’s attest. Starting with their rocking-soul debut, a cover of ‘Ball Of Confusion’, they created a unique mélange of hard and soft psychedelia spiced with early rock ‘n’ roll, funk and general strangeness.

1. Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
2. Express
3. Earth.Sun.Moon
4. Love And Rockets
The re-mastered CD with bonus tracks – previously unreleased in Europe
5. Assorted!
A new compilation of the ‘Swing’ EP (previously unreleased in Europe), rare single tracks, an unreleased studio recording, live recordings and The Bubblemen EP.

A straightforward re-package of Natacha’s first five solo albums. As a solo artist and as singer with Trans Global Underground, the Anglo-Egyptian singer has spent more than two decades fusing electronic beats with North African and Arabic music, finding links between seemingly disparate musical genres, exploring new and different sonic settings and working with a wealth of like-minded collaborators from across the world along the way. The resulting body of work is both a triumph of true multiculturalism and a testament to the richness and accessibility of Arabic culture. It is, indeed, an oeuvre unlike any other. Presiding over it all, of course, is Atlas’s extraordinary voice. Meltingly sensuous and gloriously passionate, delicate with melisma and microtones, it bridges Middle Eastern and Western styles with instinctive ease.

1. Diaspora
2. Halim
3. Gedida
4. Ayeshteni
5. Something Dangerous

For more information click on the appropriate release

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  1. FAN-TAS-TIC!!!

    — Michel · Friday February 22, 2013 · #

  2. Brilliant, and when are these going to be available?
    Will the Fields be remastered and with extra tracks???

    — Appick · Friday February 22, 2013 · #

  3. Sorry just saw the date

    — Appick · Saturday February 23, 2013 · #

  4. This is great! Kudos for remaining dedicated to the archive while approaching the market creatively. I won’t complain about buying the Love And Rockets LPs yet again, because the Assorted! comp finally caps the catalogue properly!


    :-) Can I assume all those live tracks are Bren Center recordings?

    — Robert · Saturday February 23, 2013 · #

  5. Any “5 Albums” for 4AD?

    Potential good one include:

    Mojave 3 (Ask Me Tomorrow, Out Of Tune, Excuses For Travellers, Spoon & Rafter, Puzzles Like You)

    The Breeders/The Amps (Pod, Last Splash, Pacer, Title TK, Mountain Battles)

    The Mountain Goats (Tallahassee, We Shall All Be Healed, The Sunset Tree, Get Lonely, Heretic Pride, The Life Of The World To Come) OK, 6 albums total

    Lush (Gala, Spooky, Split, Lovelife, some kind of new Topolino comp that includes all the b-sides)

    Pale Saints (The Comforts of Madness, In Ribbons, Mrs. Dolphin, Slow Buildings) OK 4 Albums total…

    Pixies (Come On Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Bossanova, Trompe Le Monde)

    Throwing Muses (Throwing Muses, House Tornado/Fat Skier, Hunkpapa, The Real Ramona, Red Heaven)

    The Wolfgang Press (The Burden Of Mules, Standing Up Straight, The Legendary Wolfgang Press And Other Tall Stories, Bird Wood Cage, Queer, Funky Little Demons)

    — fedge · Sunday February 24, 2013 · #

  6. Yes Robert, The Bren Centre, including a couple of previously unissued live cuts…makes for great listening!

    — Andrew Brooksbank · Monday February 25, 2013 · #

  7. @Andrew – I’d thought a couple of those Bren tracks hadn’t turned up on previous releases! Shame it couldn’t be more of the set but this’ll work.

    As for other 5 Album possibilities along the lines of what Fedge proposed:

    PETER MURPHY: Should The World Fail to Fall Apart/Love Hysteria/Deep/Holy Smoke/Cascade

    Although as with many artists I can think of, when there’s a nice even 5 LPs available it diminishes the chance for a rarities compilation. Pete could definitely use a “Composition” style collection – which could lean towards the later releases due to Cherry Red’s 2CD reissue of “Should the World Fail” Perhaps each LP could be appended with as many odds and ends as could fit?

    Then there’s 4AD.

    THE WOLFGANG PRESS: you’ve already got a problem with there being six LPS. I’d beg and beg for a comprehensive box set of these guys. Or, how about up through Bird Wood Cage. 4LPS plus a comp. Queer and Funky Little Demons live in a slightly different universe.

    LUSH: This is set up perfectly. 4LPS and a rarities comp. Remastered. Probably the most obvious choice to queue up.

    HIS NAME IS ALIVE: Again, the straight 5 albums seems less exciting than rarities but Livonia/Home Is In Your Head/Mouth By Mouth/Stars on ESP/Ft. Lake is a pretty tidy set thematically.

    I wonder – is there any licensing chance of combining different artists in a box? How about a 5 CD box set of the ‘presages/‘Natures Mortes – Still Lives” era artists Now I’m just fantasizing.

    Plus there’s several key artists that only have 2 or so LPs and a variety of non-album stuff. Xmal Deutschland and Clan Of Xymox spring to mind. Combo packs! I’m sure legal would love it! ;-)

    — Robert · Monday February 25, 2013 · #

  8. All very exciting listings…but does it have to be 5 cd box sets? Why not extended to 6 or shrink to 4 when necessary/available?
    Just wondering!!

    — Michel · Monday February 25, 2013 · #

  9. The Love and Rockets set looks great, and I can’t wait for the planned Bauhaus set! Perhaps the bonus disc for that set will finally get the last vinyl-only rarities out there (“Spirit in the Sky,” anyone?).

    Gunner07 · Wednesday February 27, 2013 · #

  10. @Andrew – can you divulge anything about the unreleased L&R studio track, “Sorted”? I know anticipation is it’s own reward, but you could spare me 2 mos. of it if “Sorted” is merely a little tosser like “B-side #1/#2” ;-) Vocals?

    — Robert · Wednesday February 27, 2013 · #

  11. For Robert: “Sorted” is a proper song, they played it live in L.A. in 88 (and probably at other gigs too), it’s a light melodic song, kind of like a happier “Waiting For the Flood”, David on vocals.

    Very sad that there’s still no release for the awesome London Dominion ’88 gig Beggars recorded, but this is a nice set, I hope they all do well.

    How about a Tones on Tail/David J set if the L&R one does OK: Pop / Tones On Tail / Etiquette of Violence / Songs From Another Season / Coming Down..?

    — K · Wednesday February 27, 2013 · #

  12. Would’ve been nice to include the ’88 remix of “The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By” to gather everything in one spot.

    — George · Wednesday February 27, 2013 · #

  13. Hi can you let me know will you be have the new Gary numan 5 CDs box set for sale come out on may the 13th let me know and the price of it as I what to send for one thank you derek

    Derek russell · Thursday February 28, 2013 · #

  14. Robert, as K says – Sorted! was played sparodically during the Spring ’88 US tour with David on vox. A lushly stringed number with a great hook. For George: Unfortunately Dog-End remix was a casualty of time contsraints on the disc. In other words we had filled the disc and it wouldn’t fit, turning in at 7 minutes plus would have meant us losing 2+ songs…

    — Andrew Brooksbank · Friday March 1, 2013 · #

  15. Thanks Andrew and K. I’ve tracked down an ’88 recording (Warner Theater, Washington DC) with Sorted in the setlist. Got a good sense of it. Light and sing-songy in a “Welcome Tomorrow” vein. I’m sure the studio version is much fuller and I’m just thrilled at a E•S•M era track joining our lives!

    Now if I can just phase cancel David Lanfair out of his eponymous track… ;-)

    — Robert · Friday March 1, 2013 · #

  16. I meant to ask Andrew in my earlier note, is the Seventh Dream original blue cover used? Although I prefer the 2000 remaster cover which is really beautiful, it’d be nice to go back to the blue cover in this set for a proper 1985 nostalgia trip! :)

    Does BB own the rights / tapes for the unique Bauhaus Ziggy / Lagartija / Parties studio recordings as mimed to on Top of the Pops in 82-83? They would be a good re-buy incentive for folks for the forthcoming Bauhaus box?

    — K · Friday March 1, 2013 · #

  17. This is a sweet 2011 interview with David Lanfair telling the story of how that came about, including the unexpected phone call he got from Danny, and a contemporary photo of David Lanfair in the late ’80s when he made the tape. It is a weird recording I agree, but he was young, and seems such a nice guy and still proud of it. I wrote a much more stupid letter to Brian Eno when I was his age! It’s a good read anyway:

    — K · Friday March 1, 2013 · #

  18. it is possible to release the first bauhaus demo session with harry, some faces, boys etc.or the gold dust session?.and what is with live tracks from the 80 ,for the planned compilation live disc for the omnibuss flatfield set?

    — pavoni · Friday March 1, 2013 · #

  19. Haha, what a great read. Thanks, K.

    And I really don’t mean to be down on what “David Lanfair” is – there’s just such a nice track behind him that I’d enjoy so much on it’s own. Nevertheless, it was such a unique and random gesture of fan interaction, love that so many people went along with getting it all the way to a b-side.

    These comment areas on Beggars Archive are making me miss the old 4AD Forums…. ;-)

    — Robert · Saturday March 2, 2013 · #

  20. @Robert: Yeah, I’d like to hear the track clean too, but I doubt anyone still has the original multitrack tape after all these years so I guess they couldn’t do it even if they wanted to, if they only have the mixdown tape?

    “David Lanfair” is a bit like Daniel’s instrumental “Heaven Is Waiting” isn’t it, not earth-shattering but still very nice.

    @pavoni: I think Bauhaus themselves own the rights to that first session, as it was pre-4AD/pre-Beggars Banquet, so it might complicate things. ie presumably Beggars had to licence the original Bela from the session to use it on 1998’s Crackle compilation. Bauhaus released their own Bela / Boys CD single with new artwork in 1998, maybe they’ll release the whole session one day as a CDEP or download?

    — K · Saturday March 2, 2013 · #

  21. Robert, the 4AD forum lives on, contact me at

    — fedge · Saturday March 2, 2013 · #

  22. I am amazed there was anything left to release from the L&R archives after the expanded CD reissues, let alone a song that sounds as compelling as “Sorted” has been described. How could something like that remain completely unreleased for this long?

    But my real questions are about the “Assorted!” disc: 1) will there also be a U.S. digital release, 2) will there be a stand-alone CD U.S. issue and 3) might there be a vinyl issue, at least of the previously unreleased content?


    Place Logo Here · Sunday March 3, 2013 · #

  23. I have to say the Love & Rockets set is a disappointment – not in terms of concept or for what I anticipate to be a well-produced product – but for the simple fact there is just ONE “new” song (a song heard live on bootleg tapes floating around in the 80’s).

    My expectation was an Omnibus approach of demos, outtakes, multiple versions, instrumental backings, etc. or at least a supplemental bonus disc with the aforementioned.

    But nerdy collector gripe aside, really psyched to see the band get the attention on this release. Here’s hoping we resume the Omnibus for Sky’s Gone Out, Burning and the rest of The Fall’s Beggars output. My radio station (WZBC in Boston) has purchased 4 of these already and they’re staples to our music library!

    WZBC Flyweight · Tuesday March 5, 2013 · #

  24. We need vinyl love and rockets rarities extra disc IMO. No vinyl collector would miss the opportunity to own the Sorted extra disc even at the same price as the 5cd set (but please make it cheaper). I have to dig up my live final tour tapes (not the stolen reels obviously) and post em back up for the world to hear

    — Jeoyrame · Friday March 8, 2013 · #

  25. For Pavoni, K is correct, the band own that first session tape not Beggars. Secondly the inclusion of it for In The Flat Field was never an option because it fell outside of the subject concerned. Regarding the Gold Dust session, again this was out of any contract so Beggars have no hold on it. In fact the tape had been long forgotten about until we got a copy of the session sheets from Gold Dust!
    Regarding the live tracks on…And Remains, the mix was very poor becuase it was taped straight to 1/4” so no remix was possible. We did fight the corner, and a hell of a fight it was too but we got very much over ruled!
    For WZBC – the cupboard is bare regarding the L&R period that is covered in the box set. The intention was always to put together the first 4 albums and a bonus not to build a true collectors set as the market just is not there for that kind of product, this creates a win for both parties, the collector and the casual fan. There are two unreleased live recordings as well on here. Secondly it finally wraps up all the rag tag B sides etc that were scattered across various releases and gives The Bubblemen a final resting place.

    — Andrew Brooksbank · Tuesday March 12, 2013 · #

  26. I think what may being overlooked here is that while the individual remasters have been in our hands for a couple of years, this “5 album” set is quietly and modestly in fact a comprehensive box set of Love and Rockets’ complete* studio output. A few years ago, I might have never dreamed we’d get such a thing. The vinyl replica sleeves at least offer a new angle on the existing discs, and the bonus disc properly gathers up the crumbs. I think it’s fantastic and goes way beyond the 5 album concept (Sorry Gary Numan and Natasha Atlas fans…) . I can only hope future sets are maximized in the way this one is.

    Also, I can’t help but point out, while the Breeders LSXX has generated one complaint as a comment – we’ve 28 and counting in at times passionate response to this 5 Album endeavour, with the focus on our beloved Love & Rockets and Bauhaus. May Beggars take notice of this and accordingly put their best efforts into future archive releases. (ahem…cough*4AD*cough)

    * ’88 Remix of Dog-End of a Day Gone By notwithstanding.

    — Robert · Wednesday March 13, 2013 · #

  27. *Complete – that is, covering a period many consider to be the essential peak output of the band. But I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Hot Trip and Sweet F.A. given a little reissue love.

    “Lift”? never heard of it… ;-)

    — Robert · Wednesday March 13, 2013 · #

  28. Oh for a “Lift” CD with reduced volume, ie not brickwalled. It’s one of the worst sounding discs of all time. Distortion and (on My Drug) digital dropouts. Nobody much is gonna buy “Lift” again though I guess, sadly. Even if BB had the rights to it.

    And even though unlike Lift, the other two were on / from Beggars in Europe, I think Steve told us a few years back Beggars don’t own the US rights to Hot Trip or Sweet FA, making a worthwhile reissue difficult.

    — K · Thursday March 14, 2013 · #

  29. Everyone, go see this:

    — Michel · Thursday March 21, 2013 · #

  30. AAAAAGHHHH!! No tracklists, what a tease!

    Still, thanks for the observation, Michel!

    — Robert · Thursday March 21, 2013 · #

  31. Love this concept, will get the Love & Rockets, Bauhaus, Natacha Atlas & Gary Numan sets!
    Would love to see future sets from:
    Peter Murphy
    Cocteau Twins
    Dead Can Dance
    The Birthday Party
    The Cult
    more Gary Numan
    I’m not sure who owns the rights to Anxious Records now but a set by the indie band CURVE would really suit this idea!
    CURVE 5 albums could include: Doppelgänger, Pubic Fruit, Radio Sessions, Cuckoo & a disc of b-sides from that era?

    — humanracin · Monday March 25, 2013 · #

  32. any thoughts or hints on what is going to be on the Fields of The Nephilim 5 cd set ? I’m hoping for some unreleased extras, in particular a good quality version of the song “Red 777”. Will it include Nefilim material or just FOTN ?

    — Andy · Wednesday March 27, 2013 · #

  33. I apologize for my impatience, but since we’re divulging tidbits on the Nephilim set, can a simple breakdown of the Bauhaus set be shared?

    Is the 5th disc simply “Press The Eject”? Do the 4 LPs feature extra tracks?

    — Robert · Friday March 29, 2013 · #

  34. Simply put? NO! in that the content of disc 5 has been assembled but it’s yet to get final approval. Hopefully it will be worth the wait though. Here’s a spooky coincidence – your question was number 38 – the very same catalogue number for which you asked about!. But no, it’s not Press The Eject either. The plan is to reproduce the albums as they were originally intended i.e. no extras. Hopefully details will be announced soon.

    — Andrew Brooksbank · Saturday March 30, 2013 · #

  35. Intriguing! Thank you, Andrew. As we’re awash in early extras from the Omnibii, one hopes Disc 5 can serve to clean up the studio bits from Sky’s and Burning and then some. I like the idea of keeping the albums as intended. Never liked Ziggy breaking the spell of Exquisite Corpse…

    But that’s a subject for post 42.

    — Robert · Saturday March 30, 2013 · #

  36. … talking of BEGA42, please don’t leave off the Derek Tomkins speech on this CD like all the others… “My baby, how big you’ll be in a very little while…” :)

    — K · Tuesday April 2, 2013 · #

  37. Hi can you let me know will you have Gary numan 5 CDs box set for sale come out on the 13 th of may let me know ASAP thank you Derek

    — Derek russell · Monday April 22, 2013 · #

  38. Hi!

    I am just curious about the Fields of the Nephilim set release, of all the artists being released in these sets, they are one of the ONLY ones to not have had ANYTHING reissued or remastered! Can you say if it will be remastered?

    And also if you know, do you plan to release all of their studio recorded albums and singles w/ b-sides in this set? 5 discs is PLENTY to included everything they have recorded in the studio! I personally don’t understand the complaint of adding tracks onto the end of albums on a cd release. A cd makes it convenient to hit what is called a “stop” button to end it if you just want the flow of the original album. All that extra space is perfect for singles and b-sides!

    In this day and age with disc releases, why not put as much recorded material onto them as possible??

    Thank you, hope to hear a response!!


    — Kevin Meck · Saturday May 4, 2013 · #

  39. Nephilim wise, The extended mix of Celebrate (second seal) (7 Minutes 51 Seconds)from the Psychonaut 12” (SIT57TT?) has not made it onto CD yet, the version that appeared on Revelations was the shorter 6 minuted edit. And the radio radiated 7” edit from the limited 7” of Sumerland (BEGA250) has not been released on CD. There are a few other vinyl only mixes from For Her Light/Sumerland Era that are not on CD yet. The extended version of Celebrate (Second Seal) on CD would make me a happy man.

    — Rich Warren · Monday May 6, 2013 · #

  40. Will there be 4ad boxsets like these too?
    I have been trying to get the This Mortal Coil & Dead Can Dance box sets but the price on these now OOP sets is ridiculous!!!
    So would love more affordable sets in this series by:
    This Mortal Coil
    Dead Can Dance
    Cocteau Twins

    — humanracin · Monday May 20, 2013 · #

  41. It was a big “5 Album” Christmas with Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, Fields of the Nephilim and more.

    As a few have asked, any chance of of Peter Murphy box? Pretty please…

    — Andrew · Tuesday December 31, 2013 · #