Monday May 13, 2013

Today sees the release of the first 3 box sets (see below).

Future plans also include a 2 x CD / 2 x LP set from THE CULT called Electric Peace which features the 1987 album Electric and the abandoned album Peace.

The archive will also be issuing THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Live ’81-‘82 on a double album set, the first time it’s been available on vinyl.

There’s also some more information on the next box set releases from THE FALL BUFFALO TOM and THE ICICLE WORKS

Posted by Back Cat


  1. Hopefully this year 2013

    — APEASTBURY · Monday May 13, 2013 · #

  2. Where’s the 4AD love???

    — saintrik · Monday May 13, 2013 · #

  3. Bend Sinister conspicuous by it’s absence on the Fall Box…any news?

    — RM · Tuesday May 14, 2013 · #

  4. If any Fall album needed remastering it’s Bend Sinister.

    — HTL · Tuesday May 14, 2013 · #

  5. Bend Sinister + Living Too Late + Mr. Pharmacist + Hey Luciani = OMNIBUS?

    — X-Chris · Tuesday May 14, 2013 · #

  6. Just like to add my voice to those baying for some form of expanded Bend Sinister release.

    You know it makes sense

    — GNG · Tuesday May 14, 2013 · #

  7. What X-Chris said!!!! :-D

    — Johan VSK rule · Tuesday May 14, 2013 · #

  8. What X-Chris says plus the relevant b-sides = OMNIBUS?

    — HTL · Tuesday May 14, 2013 · #

  9. Thanks for the info, Black Cat!

    Looking forward to 5 Albums and the future BEND release.

    — X-Chris · Wednesday May 15, 2013 · #

  10. Hopefully Beggars will mention something about the man that was responsible for the art direction on Electric….who passed away in April of this year…


    — APEASTBURY · Wednesday May 15, 2013 · #

  11. er, Back Cat, sorry…..

    — X-Chris · Wednesday May 15, 2013 · #

  12. Thank you Beggars & Black Cat. Wonderful news! Really really heart warming to see that you take good care of the treasure that is the Fall’s BB catalogue.

    — Johan VSK rule · Wednesday May 15, 2013 · #

  13. Well played on The Fall box set, a perfect compendium of one of their most interesting (and most-debated) eras. Couldn’t ask for more.

    — octophone · Wednesday May 15, 2013 · #

  14. I bought the Gary Numan & Natatcha Atlas 5 album sets and have to say that they are just beautiful.
    Love the design and vinyl replica CDs.
    Hoping for similar sets by:
    The Cult/Death Cult/Southern Death Cult
    More NUMAN & Tubeway Army
    Peter Murphy Solo albums & the BAUHAUS box coming

    — humanracin · Friday May 17, 2013 · #

  15. Details for the Icicle Works box set is in!!
    I’m reading this: “LIVE AT THE TOWN AND COUNTRY CLUB 1986 This version of the show includes the entire set as performed but (due to CD running time limitations) does not include the two encores.”
    Will it be possible to at least get the two encores as download?
    Those box sets are great!!!!!

    — Michel · Friday May 17, 2013 · #

  16. Thanks for the announcement re The Fall 5CD box set. Looks great – any chance of the May 1987 Janice Long session and the Feb 1988 Piccadilly Radio session? Would make the box even more ‘complete’…

    — Brian Lewis · Sunday May 19, 2013 · #

  17. At long last, got my Love & Rockets set today. Truly a well thought out and lovely effort. Assorted! is fantastic. How I wish we could have had more of the Bren Centre show, but I wouldn’t trade the space at the expense of anything else that was included. I’ve listened to Sorted no less than 10 times over the workday and still can’t get my head around that unmistakable 12-string (A Private Future lurks here) carrying this “new” song from a classic time. Weird and wonderful.

    My only notes/regrets? Would have welcomed protective inserts for the discs themselves, and in this case, a lengthy and personal Andrew Brooksbank reflection on the time. ;-)

    On to Bauhaus. Almost ready to announce?

    — Robert · Tuesday May 21, 2013 · #

  18. Hi,

    Re: The Fall box set, it’s great to see that I Am Kurious Oranj retains the vinyl sequence, but can I ask whether or not it also has the correct vinyl versions of Jerusalem, Wrong Place, Right Time, C.D. Win Fall 2080 AD and Yes, O Yes rather than the versions used for the CD?



    — Andrew Holmes · Friday May 24, 2013 · #

  19. @Back-cat: Fall Singles Disc, can you comment on the track “I African Mancunian”?

    @Andrew, they’ve got both versions of the tracks you asked about. (See the track list on the page for the box.) The sequence is from the vinyl, but with CD masters. The vinyl versions then appear at the end.

    — X-Chris · Saturday May 25, 2013 · #

  20. Have got the Love And Rockets box and at the price I paid (£13.40) it was a steal. Great work.

    Delighted to see The Icicle Works CD’s will be re-assessed soundwise. I have the Cherry Red remasters and they are the dullest sounding CD’s I have ever heard. A different (but equally difficult to listen too) problem from ‘ear bleeders’.

    — JonMcK · Tuesday May 28, 2013 · #

  21. Love the Gary Numan set.
    I am assuming that there could be 2 more box sets that would precede this one?
    SET 1: Tubeway Army years
    Disc 1 – The Plan
    2- Tubeway Army
    3- Replicas
    4- Replicas (deluxe edition bonus tracks)
    5- Living Ornaments 79
    SET 2: Gary Numan
    Disc 1- Pleasure Principle
    2- Pleasure Principle (deluxe edition bonus tracks)
    3- Telekon
    4- Living Ornaments 80 Part 1
    5- Living ornaments 80 Part 2
    I would definitely buy those!
    Not sure if Beggars have the rights to the albums after Warriors?

    — humanracin · Wednesday May 29, 2013 · #

  22. The planned release of The Fall albums on Beggars – with lots of extras, is great news. One I have meant to thank you over.
    I understand the holding back over licensing radio sessions such as the Janice Long and Piccadilly radio sessions, and while that is a little disappointing, I’m glad room has been found for each mix of Hit The North.
    I wondered if a separate release of such radio sessions – even radio concert material perhaps – as a short run may be more viable? A member of the Fall forum suggested a download version might be an idea – if it was lossless (ie not mp3).
    I would think fans would be happy to shell out accordingly, but I am not sure you would do download releases.
    Part of me would ideally want Seminal Live to be expanded with more live material, but I understand if The Fall / MES would not want that.
    Anyway I look forward to seeing – and hearing – the proposed Fall releases.

    — Stranger · Sunday June 2, 2013 · #

  23. I’m just gonna put this here.

    Last night I dreamt that somebody updated the Beggars Archive blog with a tracklist for the Bauhaus 5 Albums set.

    My fixation has become psychosis. Any word? :-)

    — Robert · Wednesday June 5, 2013 · #

  24. Great news on the Fall reissues, but up thread you suggested that regarding Victoria, the album & single were the same however… I thought the single version had an added sound of glass smashing just before the song itself started? (Sorry)

    Mr Pedantic

    — NxA · Thursday July 11, 2013 · #

  25. Just wondering if there was any news on a reissue of Bend Sinister by The Fall? An Omnibus box in the vein of This Nation…, or Wonderful and Frightening would be great, but if not a 2 CD with singles and BBC sessions from the same era would still be welcome. You know it makes sense :-)

    — linkous · Friday May 2, 2014 · #