The Avalanches • Since I Left You • VINYL re-issue

Release date : 9 April 2012
Label : XL Recordings
Cat. No.: XLLP 148
Format – double album / deep ocean blue coloured vinyl / gatefold sleeve

An extensive patch of time was spent building Since I Left You, a 60-minute melting pot of the band’s collective that sounds like a postcard to anyone who has ever made a record. Apart from the cover, there’s also something distinctly sub-aquatic in the sound as the tracks ebb, flow and drift into each other in a magnificent mosaic. This album still shines like a nuclear star-fish with its delicious delights. Released in their native Australia in late 2000 and preceded by the appetite-whetting Frontier Psychiatrist EP, it received a response from critics and the public that reflected the album’s glowing nature. The group even had the blessing of Madonna, who allowed them to sample the bass line to “Holiday” – the first time she okayed such a thing.

The UK version was released by XL Recordings in 2001 and debuted at No. 8 on the albums chart in April, quickly topping 200,000 sales. Also that month, the first UK single from the album, the title track Since I Left You, was released and debuted at No. 16 on the singles chart while the video won video of the year at the MTV Europe Music awards. In July the second single, Frontier Psychiatrist debuted at No. 18 and the video was later awarded the runner-up prize at Soho Shorts Film Festival.

It’s a welcome re-issue on vinyl where all the crackles from the original single samples somehow feel more at home and not as intrusively alien as on the CD.

1. Since I Left You
2. Stay Another Season
3. Radio
4. Two Hearts In 3/4 Time

5. Avalanche Rock
6. Flight Tonight
7. Close To You
8. Diners Only
9. A Different Feeling

10. Electricity
11. Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life
12. Pablo’s Cruise
13. Frontier Psychiatrist

14. Etoh
15. Summer Crane
16. Little Journey
17. Live At Dominoes
18. Extra Kings

Scoring an average of 89% on metacritic here are some sample quotes…

In releasing Since I Left You, the Avalanches have essentially brought hundreds of slabs of inanimate vinyl to life. Though it was no doubt meticulously constructed, this is an album brimming with spontaneity, joy, sadness, humor, reflection, and general human-ness. With its high fun factor and subtle traces of deeper emotion, Since I Left You is the perfect record for the party, and for the period of regret and recovery after the party. – 9.5/10 Pitchfork

‘Since I Left You’ is proof that while being a vinyl junkie might not make you a teen idol, crafting a joyous, kaleidoscopic masterpiece of sun-kissed disco-pop definitely will…. Cool? Sure, whatever. Brilliant? Undoubtedly. – NME 9/10

‘Since I Left You’ is nothing short of stunning…. There’s more imagination in this hour-long odyssey than most sample-based artists manage in their entire career. Not since DJ Shadow’s ‘Endtroducing’ has an album showed what you really can do with a bunch of old vinyl. – 9/10 Dot Music