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Flesh For Lulu

Nick Marsh (Vocals/Guitar) & James Mitchell(Drums) start Flesh For LULU & are swiftly joined by Glen Bishop (Bass) and ex-Wasted Youth Guitarist Rocco Barker (Guitar/Vocals)

Flesh become part of the “Batcave scene” and are key amongst early glam-goth bands, touring with the likes of Specimen and Alien Sex Fiend

The band record demo tracks which include an early version of “Restless” (then called “All That You Know”), “Spy In Your Mind”, “DNA” and “Dark & The Gun”

On the strength of the demos and the live reaction they are starting to generate Flesh are signed to Polydor

Their first release release for the label is “Roman Candle” on 7″ & 12” – the 12” EP including the immortal words “24 Minutes Of Music Very Cheap!” on the cover

The debut album is recorded and Polydor choose “Subteranneans” as the first single

The month of May is spent touring the UK in a support slot for The Sisters Of Mercy

The band release their self titled first album to a luke-warm response

“Restless” is released as a follow up single

Polydor “fail to promote” the first album well enough and sales are low – Flesh are dropped from the label

Glen Bishop leaves the band and is replaced by Kevin Mills (ex-Specimen)

The year finishes with “Subteraneans” reaching number 39 in “John Peels Festive Fifty” (a joint placing with Cocteau Twins “Pandora”)

Flesh sign to Hybrid Records

“Blue Sisters Swing” released
The “nun’s kissing” cover is banned in Spain

More demos are recorded including the songs “Crime Of Passsion”, “Good For You”, and an early version of “I Go Crazy”

Flesh meet with Craig Leon to produce new material

“Baby Hurricane” released

“Big Fun City” released

A live show is released on video under the title “Live Flesh” filmed at the Camden Palace in London on 19th May 1985
A live album “Fresh Flesh”, featuring all the non-Polydor tracks from the gig is planned but never released

Flesh are signed to Beggars Banquet Records

“I Go Crazy” is used in the John Hughes’ film “Some Kind Of Wonderful” and is released on MCA Records
US college radio play makes it a minor hit

Flesh Spend more time in USA

Derek “Del Boy” Greening (ex-Peter & The Test Tube Babies, also known as Del “Strange Fish”) joins to play guitar

Beggar’s Banquet release “Siamese Twist”

“Postcards from Paradise” released by Beggars Banquet as the second single from “Long Live The New Flesh”

“Long Live The New Flesh” released to some acclaim in the US, but limited interest in the UK
The US version of the album includes the track “I Go Crazy”, the UK version does not

Much touring in US ensues – including supporting Bush

Beggars Banquet release “I Go Crazy”

“Plastic Fantastic” released

Singles from “Plastic Fantastic” include “Time & Space”, and “Decline & Fall”

Final part of the year is spent touring the USA in a support slot for Public Image Limited

Flesh For LULU can be considered defunct at some point between the end of 91 and early 92

Nick & Rocco re-group and become GIGANTIC and release the album “Disenchanted” on Columbia Records after failing to strike a deal with Hollywood Records
They are joined by Dave Blair on bass and Al Fletcher on drums
The album was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Tim Palmer, who had previously worked with the Mission, Tin Machine and The Mighty Lemon Drops

GIGANTIC tour the US with Bush and The Goo Goo Dolls

GIGANTIC are dropped by Columbia Records and the band splits up

Flesh For LULU re-claim their original name and do a short tour in California during May & June with Gene Loves Jezebel

Nick spends time on various projects including “Naked Goat” and lounge-core influenced solo material

Rocco forms The Space Police a band which features raga toaster General Levy and Doctor Cat
Some gigs and an album titled “Money Maker” result

Nick records & seeks a deal for a solo album (recorded by Mediaeval Babe Katherine Blake)
Gets management in the US, but no album release

A compilation CD of “Big Fun City” & “Blue Sisters Swing” is released by Cherry Red Records
Good liner notes written by Nick and Rocco, but no bonus tracks

“Long Live The New Flesh”, is re-released on Supafecta Records
It is a digitally re-mastered version of the US release and contains four bonus tracks

In December rumours start to circulate about a new album, a front page for a website goes up promising a release through Gig Records
Flesh perform two gigs at Bring Your Own Poison @ The Rhythm Factory (London) some 16 years since their last UK appearance

Rocco and his partner Dawn are to feature in a Channel 4 programme called “A Place In Spain” following them as they buy property in Spain
As part of the filming for the show a gig is played at the Borderline in London on the 28th April

Nicks solo album “A Universe Between Us” is released

Nick Marsh passed away on June 5th.

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