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Le Tigre

We put out 3 albums and 2 EPs from 1999-2004 and toured all over the world! Most recently we wrote a song with Christina Aguilera called “MY GIRLS” and released a film called “Who Took the Bomp? LE TIGRE on Tour” that documents our live show and offers some background about us as a feminist band.

Here is something we wrote about ourselves in 2004:
“Le Tigre is not like a normal band that practices and jams to write new songs. We all sit in our apartments late at night sampling stuff off records and writing lists of ideas that we bring to our Le Tigre brainstorm sessions. The structure of our collaboration varies from song to song with each of us taking the lead on beat making, lyric writing, video editing, etc at various times. We each play all different kinds of instruments on stage and while we are recording in the studio. During our live performance Jo and JD play most of the keyboard parts, JD triggers samples with drum pads, Kathleen and Jo play most of the guitar, JD and Jo sing back-up parts and most of the talking/yelling parts, and Kathleen sings the center-stage, full-on Annie-style parts.”

Their 1999 self-titled debut album was released via Wiiija in the UK.

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