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New Wet Kojak

New Wet Kojak was born when two members of Girls Against Boys (Scott McCloud + Johnny Temple) joined forces with Geoff Turner (ex-Gray Matter), Nick Pellicciotto (Edsel) and saxophonist Charles Bennington in the mid-90s. Phrases such as “arty, jazz-inflected rock”, “late-night vibes” and “libidinous crooners” have been used to discuss their music, and of course it’s against the law to NOT mention the word “sexy” when discussing NWK or GVSB. They released four full length albums; New Wet Kojak (1995), Nasty International (1997), Do Things (2000) and This Is The Glamorous (2003). The last two along with a 2001 EP were released by Beggars Banquet.

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