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Scout Niblett

Scout Niblett is a truly original artist. Her amazingly strong voice has been described (by Venus magazine) as “a full-bodied caterwaul that could rival Gillian Welch, Neko Case, and even Johnny Cash.” Her live shows rock hard and bring to mind Sonic Youth-esque freak-outs but can also be quiet, moody and melancholy. She immediately gets the attention of anyone who’s ever raced across a bedroom floor to flip sides of a Sandy Denny & Fairport Convention, Van Morrison, Laura Nyro or even Liz Phair record.

Her debut album ‘Sweet Heart Fever’ was released in 2001, and her most recent album ‘It’s Up To Emma’ was released in 2013. She released two albums on too pure. ‘Kidnapped By Neptune (2005) and ‘This Fool Can Die Now’ in 2007. The former contains her epic and best known song “Kiss” – which is a duet with Will Oldham.

“Niblett is a polarizing act loaded with abstraction and a hint of emo. You’ll either be drawn into her self-soothing, repetitive, moaning pleas or you’ll dismiss her tantrums outright, leaving her more isolated than before – but that may be just what she wants.” -HARP

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