Social Dancing


Released August 10, 1999


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This product is not available in the EU store.

1999’s “Social Dancing” saw Manda Rin, Sci-Fi Steven and John Disco, having been ostracized by the UK music press, return with a bigger, shinier and cohesive sound. Produced by Gang Of Four’s Andy Gill and mixed by Pet Shop Boys engineer Bob Kraushaar, the blend of 1979 New-Wave riffs and 80’s Electro-Pop synths shine on hit single “Eurodisco”, the sped-up Gary Numan of “I’m A Slut” and album opener “Making People Normal”. An expanded sonic palette saw a liberal use of samples, a diversion into trip-hop (“Detour”) and even a real string section on “Theme From Tokyo”. While “Social Dancing” didn’t have the impact of debut album “The New Transitor Heroes”, it’s most fans favorite - a solid body of songs which has a confident band at the top of their game.
1. Making People Normal
2. I'm A Slut
3. Eurodisco
4. Action And Drama
5. Theme From Tokyo
6. The Hit Girl
7. Am I Loud Enough?
8. Shopaholic
9. Young Alien Types
10. Detour
11. Sale Or Return
12. It's All New
13. Listen Up