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  • Buffalo Tom - Sleepy Eyed
  • 1. Tangerine
    2. Summer
    3. Kitchen Door
    4. Rules
    5. It's You
    6. When You Discover
    7. Sunday Night
    8. Your Stripes
    9. Sparklers
    10. Clobbered
    11. Sundress
    12. Twenty-Points (The Ballad of Sexual Dependency)
    13. Souvenir
    14. Crueler

Buffalo Tom

Sleepy Eyed

Beggars Banquet
Released 11 July 1995

Boston's Buffalo Tom began life as a trio of pre-grunge, neo-psychedelic guitar maulers, but over the next dozen years they matured into a considerably more dynamic and intelligent band, capable of generating crunching rockers or acoustic ballads with equal precision, all of which possessed heart, soul, and a compassionate intelligence. The band's name is derived from the band Buffalo Springfield and the first name of the drummer.

Moving back into stripped-down power trio mode on Sleepy Eyed, Buffalo Tom go back to the old neighborhood and show everybody how much bigger and stronger they've become - it's sorta like a high school reunion, but louder and a lot more fun.