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  • The Charlatans - Just Lookin DVD
  • 1.The Only One I Know
    3.Sproston Green
    4.Over Rising
    5.Me In Time
    7.Tremelo Song
    8.I Don’t Want To See The Sights
    9.Can't Get Out Of Bed
    10.I Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He Were Ever To Get There
    11.Jesus Hairdo
    12.Crashin' In
    13.Just Lookin'
    14.Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over
    15.One To Another
    16.North Country Boy
    17.How High
    18.Tellin' Stories

    10 June 1990, The Ritz, Manchester
    19.You're Not Very Well
    20.Polar Bear
    21.The Only One I Know
    22.Everything Changed

    28 August 1992, Reading Festival
    23.Can't Even Be Bothered
    25.Indian Rope

    11 May 1995, London Astoria
    26.Another Rider Up In Flames
    27.Happen To Die
    28. Sproston Green

    18 July 1997, Phoenix Festival
    30.Here Comes A Soul Saver
    31.Get On It

    Bonus Video
    32.Weirdo (Previously Unseen Alternative USA Version)

The Charlatans

Just Lookin DVD

Beggars Banquet
Released 20 May 2002
BB 019 DVD

Just Lookin' 1990–1997 is a DVD by British band The Charlatans. All The Charlatans promotional videos for singles issued during their time on Beggars Banquet until 1998 are included as well as thirteen live performances from four shows spanning the era. Also featured is a complete UK single and album discography for the years 1989–1998 and an alternative, US version, of the video for "Weirdo".