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  • Cornershop - Hold On It Hurts
  • 1. Jason Donovan / Tessa Sanderson
    2. Kalluri's Radio
    3. Readers' Wives
    4. Change
    5. Inside Rani (Long Version)
    6. Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal
    7. Counteraction
    8. Where D'U Get Your Information
    9. Tera Mera Pyar
    10.You Always Said My Language Would Get Me Into Trouble


Hold On It Hurts

Released 14 February 1994

Although Cornershop's first album rings with some of the fevered scrappiness prominent in U.S. indie bands of the early '90s (like Unrest), it's also a throwback to leftist post-punk groups of the late '70s (Gang of Four, Au Pairs). Spiking their songs with social commentary and balancing it out with an infectious sense of playfulness, the spirit and passion overrides the obvious amateurism that the band makes no attempt to hide. They're having fun, they have something to say, they love disco beats just as much as they love atonal shards of guitar and traditional Indian instrumentation. It all makes for a bold, exciting mix.