The Cult

The Cult

Beggars Banquet

Released October 12, 1994


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This product is not available in the EU store.

Out of the commercial limelight, The Cult made their sixth album for themselves, combing Astbury's love of electronica with hard rock riffing. Like many experimental projects, the results were mixed, but it remains many fan's favorite album. It is also commonly referred to as the "Black Sheep" record, due to the image of a Manx Loaghtan black sheep on the front cover. The record also features one of the very rare times when Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy have shared songwriting credit with anyone: bassist Craig Adams is credited as co-author of "Universal You".
1. Gone
2. Coming Down (Drug Tongue)
3. Real Grrrl
4. Black Sun
5. Naturally High
6. Joy
7. Star
8. Sacred Life
9. Be Free
10. Universal You
11. Emperor's New Horse
12. Saints are Down