the arkive

  • Devastations - Coal
  • 1. Sex and Mayhem
    2. The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying
    3. I Don't Want To Lose You Tonight
    4. Coal
    5. Terrified
    6. Take You Home
    7. Cormina
    8. A Man Of Fortune
    9. What's A Place Like That Doing In A Girl Like You
    10. Dance With Me



Beggars Banquet
Released 25 September 2006

I heard this for the first time in Australia. Within five minutes I had tears streaming down my face. It gives me feelings I can tap into outside of myself when I can't quite tap into what is going on inside. That for me is most precious. - KAREN O singer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs from MOJO Magazine

Devastations are; the sound of a meteor cooling in the cut grass; the clash of a terrible beauty with the customary; Tom Carlyon, Hugo Cran and Conrad Standish. The Devastations are all about silence. Holes; big enough and empty enough to fill the grand canyon. Silence and how you fill it. And how much you fill it, and what you fill it with, and when? And the answer to that last part of the puzzle is song. And song is where Devastations come in. They neither sound like the past or this fad. This is timeless, because it is of the heart, and the soul is always timeless. - ROWLAND S. HOWARD, guitarist, The Birthday Party