The Fall

5 cd box

Beggars Banquet

Released August 19th, 2013


Format: CD

This product is not available in the US store, but you can buy it from our EU store.

This product is not available in the EU store, but you can buy it from our US store.

This set contains a quintet of discs housed in mini LP sleeves and packaged in a slipcase. Drawing from the latter years of the Beggars Banquet recordings (1987-89), the set features the often overlooked albums and a compilation of singles and alternative takes. It comprehensively includes all the recordings (released and unreleased) from the era that are in the Beggars archives. Where available, the tracks have been re-mastered from the original studio analogue tapes. Contains the releases The Frenz Experiment, I Am Kurious Oranj, Hit The North (Parts 1 - 6), Singles 1987-1989 and Seminal Live.
The Frenz Experiment
1-1. “Frenz”
1-2. “Carry Bag Man”
1-3. “Get A Hotel”
1-4. “Victoria”
1-5. “Athlete Cured”
1-6. “In These Times”
1-7. “The Steak Place”
1-8. “Bremen Nacht
1-9. “Guest Informant” (Excerpt)
1-10. “Oswald Defence Lawyer”
1-11. “Bremen Nacht Run Out”
1-12. “Mark’ll Sink Us”

I Am Kurious Oranj
2-1. “New Big Prinz”
2-2. “Overture From ‘I Am Curious Orange’”
2-3. “Dog Is Life / Jerusalem”
2-4. “Kurious Oranj”
2-5. “Wrong Place / Right Time”
2-6. “C.D. Win Fall 2088 AD”
2-7. “Yes, O Yes”
2-8. “Van Plague?”
2-9. “Bad News Girl”
2-10. “Cab It Up!”
2-11. “Last Nacht” (Edit)
2-12. “Dog Is Life / Jerusalem” (Vinyl Version)
2-13. “Wrong Place, Right Time” (Vinyl Version)
2-14. “Guide Me Soft”
2-15. “Win Fall C.D. 2080″ (Vinyl Version)
2-16. “Yes, O Yes” (Vinyl Version)
2-17. “Last Nacht”
2-18. “Big New Priest”

Hit the North (Parts 1-6)
3-1. “Hit The North (Part 1)”
3-2. “Hit The North (Part 2)”
3-3. “Hit The North (Part 3)”
3-4. “Hit The North (Part 4)”
3-5. “Hit The North (Part 5)”
3-6. “Hit The North (Part 6)”
3-7. “Hit The North (Instrumental)”

Singles 1987-1989
4-1. “There’s A Ghost In My House”
4-2. “Haf Found Boorman”
4-3. “Sleep Debt Snatches”
4-4. “Mark’ll Sink Us”
4-5. “Australians In Europe”
4-6. “Northerns In Europ”
4-7. “Tuff Life Booogie”
4-8. “Twister”
4-9. “Bremen Nacht Alternative”
4-10. “I African Mancunian”
4-11. “Guest Informant”
4-12. “Cab It Up!” (Single Version)
4-13. “Jerusalem”
4-14. “Acid Priest 2088″

Seminal Live
5-1. “Dead Beat Descendant”
5-2. “Pinball Machine”
5-3. “H.O.W.”
5-4. “Squid Law”
5-5. “Mollusc In Tyrol”
5-6. “Kurious Oranj” (Live)
5-7. “Frenz” (Live)
5-8. “Hit The North” (Live)
5-9. “2 By 4″ (Live)
5-10. “Elf Prefix / L.A.” (Live)
5-11. “Victoria” (Live)
5-12. “Pay Your Rates” (Live)
5-13. “Introduction / Cruiser’s Creek” (Live)
5-14. “In These Times” (Live)