The Fall

Bend Sinister

Beggars Banquet

Released September 29, 1986


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The Fall's third Beggars album was a distinctly down affair - not that The Fall were ever a shiny, happy band, of course, but both music and lyrics seemed like a darker corner to dwell in.
1. "R.O.D."
2. "Dktr. Faustus"
3. "Shoulder Pads 1"
4. "Mr Pharmacist"
5. "Gross Chapel – British Grenadiers"
6. "Living Too Late" (CD/cassette only)
7. "US 80's–90's"
8. "Terry Waite Sez"
9. "Bournemouth Runner"
10. "Riddler!"
11. "Shoulder Pads 2"
12. "Auto Tech Pilot"