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  • The Fall - The Wonderful And Frightening World Of...The Fall - OMNIBUS EDITION
  • CD1
    The Wonderful And frightening World Of... THE FALL
    Lay Of The Land
    2 By 4
    Copped It
    Slang King
    Bug Day
    Stephen Song
    Disney's Dream Debased

    Oh! Brother
    O! Brother
    Pat - Trip Dispenser
    New Fiend (2 By 4) *
    No Bulbs 3 (Unedited Version)*
    Slang King 2
    Draygo's Guilt
    Clear Off!
    No Bulbs
    Lay Of The Land (Rough Mix) *
    Pat - Trip Dispenser (Rough Mix)*
    New Fiend (Rough Mix) *
    Slang King (Edits Version 1) *

    Creep (Peel session)
    Pat - Trip Dispenser (Peel session)
    2 By 4 (Peel session)
    Words Of Expectation (Peel session)
    God Box (Jensen session) *
    Lay Of The Land (Jensen session) *
    Oh Brother (Jensen session) *
    Creep (Jensen session) *
    No Bulbs (Long session) *
    Draygo's Guilt (Long session) *
    Stephen Song (Long session) *
    Slang King (Long session) *
    Copped It (Saturday Live) *
    Elves (Saturday Live) *
    Fortress/Marquis Cha Cha (Saturday Live) *

    Lay Of The Land
    2 By 4
    Draygo's Guilt
    No Bulbs
    Kicker Conspiracy
    Stephen Song
    Copped It
    Pat - Trip Dispenser
    Middle Mass


The Fall

The Wonderful And Frightening World Of...The Fall - OMNIBUS EDITION

Beggars Banquet
Released 25 October 2010
BBQCD 2066

Compiled for fans, the Omnibus Editions are intended to expand and illuminate the development of specific albums, bringing together all the relevant single releases with previously unreleased studio, session and live recordings. Omnibus Editions are presented as limited edition box sets and include CD’s in the Japanese-style paper sleeves, reproducing the original vinyl cover art, with a 48 page book. Despite the de-luxe packaging the sets are great value.

Released in 1984, The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall was the band's eighth studio album and their first for Beggars Banquet. This release chronicles that year; from the full integration of Brix Smith into the group, the introduction of John Leckie as the recording producer, the BBC sessions, live shows, changes in the line-up and the rise of a wider appreciation for The Fall’s music.

The first CD edition (issued in 1988) followed the extended track sequence of the cassette but for this Omnibus Edition the album has been re-mastered from the studio analogue tapes and restored to its original nine song format with all additional tracks on disc 2. Disc 3 gathers all the relevant BBC sessions: not only a predictable John Peel session recorded in December 1983 (the earliest recordings of TWAFWOTF material) but also previously unreleased sessions from David Jensen and Janice Long as well as a 'Saturday Live' recording. Disc 4 is a live recording made by VPRO radio at Pandora's Music Box festival in The Netherlands and is remarkably perky considering The Fall took to the stage for their headline set at 3.15am on a Sunday morning.