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  • Fields Of The Nephilim - Dawnrazor
  • 1. Intro (The Harmonica Man)
    2. Slow Kill
    3. Laura II
    4. Preacher Man
    5. Volcane (Mr. Jealousy Has Returned)
    6. Vet for the Insane
    7. Secrets
    8. Dust
    9. Reanimator
    10. Power
    11. The Tower
    12. Dawnrazor
    13. The Sequel

Fields Of The Nephilim


Beggars Banquet
Released 4 May 1987

Of all the bands involved in Britain's goth-rock movement of the 1980s, Fields of the Nephilim were the most believable. The group's cryptic, occult-inspired songs were sung in a guttural roar by vocalist Carl McCoy. Live appearances were shrouded with dim light and smoke machines, while bandmembers stalked the stage in black desperado gear inspired by western dress. The group was also one of the longest lived of the original goth-rock groups, finally disbanding in 1991 when McCoy left for another project.

The Nephilim fivesome weren't aiming just for the clad-in-black audience, but at being a great group in general; while that goal wasn't quite achieved on their debut, the band came very close. The album has been expanded with singles.