the arkive

  • Jack - The Jazz Age
  • 1. 3 o'clock in the morning
    2. Pablo
    3. My World versus Your World
    4. Saturday's Plan
    5. Nico's Children
    6. Lolita Elle
    7. Cinematic
    8. Steamin'
    9. Love and Death in the Afternoon
    10. Half Cut, Wholly Yours


The Jazz Age

Too Pure
Released 1 June 1998

The Jazz Age is the second album by the British alternative rock band Jack, released in August 1998. It was recorded in Wales and London in late 1997 and early 1998, and was produced by Darren Allison, who had previously worked with The Divine Comedy.

It was the band's second - and last - album for the Too Pure label, and the last to feature original members Richard Adderley, Patrick Pulzer, Colin Williams and George Wright.

From All Music...."Yet another in a long line of British indie bands equally inspired by symbolist poetry, Scott Walker, and the early albums of Roxy Music (see also Suede, the Auteurs, Divine Comedy and half of the Cherry Red Records artist roster between 1981 and 1986), singer/songwriter Anthony Reynolds and his seven-piece band Jack have the moves down cold."