John Cale

Artificial Intelligence

Beggars Banquet

Released September 9th, 1985


Format: MP3

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Having produced Nico's album Camera Obscura (also on Beggars Banquet), John Cale recorded this album at Strongroom Studios with her backing band, The Faction, along with a couple of additional musicians.

This is one of his accessible song-oriented albums, with the legendary Larry "Ratso" Sloman contributing lyrics to one of Cale's most haunting songs ever, "Dying On The Vine".
1. Everytime the Dogs Bark
2. Dying on the Vine
3. The Sleeper
4. Vigilante Lover
5. Chinese Takeaway (Hong Kong 1997)
6. Song of the Valley
7. Fadeaway Tomorrow
8. Black Rose
9. Satellite Walk