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  • Love And Rockets - Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
  • Original Album
    1. If There's A Heaven Above
    2. A Private Future
    3. The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By
    4. The Game
    5. Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
    6. Haunted When The Minutes Drag
    7. Saudade

    8. Ball Of Confusion (12" UK Mix)
    9. Inside The Outside
    10. If There's A Heaven Above (12" UK Mix)
    11. God And Mr. Smith

    12. Haunted When The Minutes Drag (USA Mix)
    13. If There's A Heaven Above (Canada Mix)

Love and Rockets

Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven


Beggars Banquet
Released 11 October 1985
BBL 2025

Love And Rockets formed in 1985, almost 2 years after the demise of cult goth pioneers Bauhaus. The band re-united Daniel Ash (vocals and guitar), David J (vocals and bass) and Kevin Haskins (drums). Back in the mid-Eighties, when the US alternative scene was just that, Love And Rockets were one of the leading lights.

Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven was Love And Rockets darkly psychedelic debut album, and it was released by Beggars Banquet in 1985 and marked the beginning of a career that would span an impressive 14 years and 7 albums.

Love and Rockets provided a clean slate and an opportunity to plumb the depths of imagination and influences. Their first single, a radical reworking of The Temptations classic “Ball Of Confusion”, was a huge hit in underground dance clubs on both sides of the Atlantic. The release of their acclaimed debut album followed. Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven was an unashamedly psychedelic adventure, far removed from the dark soundscapes of Bauhaus. Yet they had to fight hard to avoid being branded ‘goth’, citing Syd Barrett, Marc Bolan and the Beatles as primary influences.

Ned Ragget wrote about it’s recent 30th anniversary for The Quietus. “it’s its own thing, ruined elegance, sculpted beauty, sometimes sharp without being angry, often inspiring without being sappy, able to capture even slow dull moments in an attractive fashion. Every time I hear it, I’m glad it exists.”