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  • Mouse On Mars - Rost Pocks: The EP Collection
  • 1. Frosch
    2. Bib
    3. Maus Mobil
    4. Saturday Night (DJ Crack Mix)
    5. Schnick-Schnack
    6. Schlecktron (Double Mix)
    7. Lazergum
    8. Saturday Night (Fruit Mix)
    9. Twift
    10. Cache Coeur Naif
    11. Rototon
    12. Schnee Bud
    13. Amiga Home
    14. 7000
    15. Froschroom

Mouse On Mars

Rost Pocks: The EP Collection

Too Pure
Released 18 February 2003

For the non-fanatical, Rost Pocks: The EP Collection collects most of MoM's non-album work for the Too Pure label, and throws in a bonus: "Maus Mobil," which originally appeared on a volume in the Trance Europe Express series.

From Pitchfork's review of the album...

"One distinguishing characteristic of Mouse on Mars that was apparent from the start, despite their rightful classification as an electronic group, was their disinterest in building tracks from a series of repeating loops. It's always been their policy to vary the tracks slightly through the repeating sections. Their songwriting method at this time was informed by rock, which might explain why their audience is populated by a large number of rock fans. People dance at a Mouse on Mars show, but the event is much closer to a rock experience than a night at a club. It's not really DJ-informed music, though tracks like this compilation's "Schnick-Schnack", which features the women of Stereolab as they collaborated on the Cache Coeur Naif EP, anticipate the microhouse that would develop as the 90s wound down."