Gary Numan

1979 The Live EPs

Beggars Banquet

Released September 21, 2009


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1979: The Live EPs, was a disc available to those who bought the expanded, 2-disc version of The Pleasure Principle from Numan's website in 2009. This is comprised of the nine tracks of the original Living Ornaments 79 album, which was a live album released in 1981.
E.P. - January 1980
1. Down In The Park
2. On Broadway
3. Everyday I Die
4. Remember I Was Vapour
5. Bombers

E.P. - November 1979
6. Me! I Disconnect From You
7. Conversation
8. Metal
9. Down In The Park

Living Ornaments '79
10. Airplane
11. Cars
12. We Are So Fragile
13. Films
14. Something's In The House
15. My Shadow In Vain
16. Conversation
17. The Dream Police
18. Metal