Gary Numan

I, Assassin

Beggars Banquet

Released September 10, 1982


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This product is not available in the EU store.

Combining the fretless bass with heavy rock drumming, Numan further refined his dark, sparse, funky-electro style, mixing it with impenetrable, slurred vocals. Assassin is the sixth studio album, and fourth under his own name, by Gary Numan.
1. White Boys And Heroes
2. War Songs
3. A Dream Of Siam
4. Music For Chameleons
5. This Is My House
6. I, Assassin
7. The 1930's Rust
8. We Take Mystery (To Bed)
9. War Games
10. Glitter And Ash
11. The Image Is
12. This House Is Cold
13. Noise Noise
14. We Take Mystery (To Bed) (Early Version)
15. Bridge? What Bridge?