Gary Numan

Living Ornaments '80

Beggars Banquet

Released Originally April 1991 - reissue: August 1, 2005


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This product is not available in the EU store.

Living Ornaments '80 is a live album first released in 1981. It was also issued as a limited edition box set with Living Ornaments '79 the same year. The original release was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on 16 September 1980, as a record of Numan's "Teletour" (September-November 1980). We reissued an expanded and remastered version in 2005.
1-1. This Wreckage
1-2. I Die: You Die
1-3. M.E.
1-4. Everyday I Die
1-5. Down In The Park
1-6. Remind Me To Smile
1-7. The Joy Circuit
1-8. Tracks
1-9. Are 'Friends' Electric?
1-10. We Are Glass
1-11. This Wreckage
1-12. Remind Me To Smile
1-13. Complex
1-14. Telekon

2-1. Me! I Disconnect From You
2-2. Cars
2-3. Conversation
2-4. Airlane
2-5. M.E.
2-6. Everyday I Die
2-7. Remember I Was Vapour
2-8. Stories
2-9. Are 'Friends' Electric?
2-10. The Joy Circuit
2-11. I Die: You Die
2-12. I Dream Of Wires
2-13. Down In The Park
2-14. Tracks
2-15. We Are Glass