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  • Gary Numan - Replicas
  • LP:
    Me! I Disconnect from You
    Are 'Friends' Electric?
    The Machman
    Praying to the Aliens
    Down in the Park

    You Are in My Vision
    It Must Have Been Years
    When the Machines Rock
    I Nearly Married a Human

    CD also includes:
    Do You Need the Service?
    The Crazies
    Only a Downstat
    We Have a Technical
    We Are So Fragile
    I Nearly Married a Human 2

Gary Numan


Beggars Banquet
Released 1 April 1979
BBL-7 (CD) BBQ-007 (LP)

REPLICAS is the second and final album by Gary Numan + Tubeway Army and was originally released in 1979. It was the first album in what Numan referred to as the “machine” phase of his career, which these three albums comprise. The song “Are Friends’ Electric?” was a surprise #1 UK hit single and this album was a huge breakthrough. Replicas began as a concept album, based on a book that Numan never completed about a futuristic metropolis where androids with cloned human skin called “Machmen” team up with machines to keep citizens controlled under fear and force.