the arkive

  • Tubeway Army - The Plan
  • 1. That’s Too Bad (Single Version)
    2. Oh! Didn’t I Say
    3. Out Of Sight
    4. Bombers (Original Version)
    5. My Shadow In Vain (Original Version)
    6. This Machine (Original Version)
    7. Thoughts No. 2
    8. Something’s In The House (Original Version)
    9. Check It
    10. The Monday Troop
    11. This Is My Life
    12. Mean Street
    13. Ice
    14. Crime Of Passion
    15. The Life Machine (Original Version)
    16. Critics
    17. Do Your Best (Original Version)
    18. Basic J.
    19. That’s Too Bad (Original Version)
    20. Bombers (Single Version)
    21. Blue Eyes
    22. O.D. Receiver
    23. Fadeout 1930
    24. Don’t Be A Dummy (Lee Cooper Advert)

Gary Numan

The Plan

Beggars Banquet
Released 1 May 1999

Not a 'proper' album per se, this is a compilation of early singles and demos from the time when Gary Numan fronted a riffing, guitar-based punk band. One for the hardcore fans. Originally released in 1984, we reissued it in 1999 with bonus tracks.