The Organ

Grab That Gun

Too Pure

Released May 24, 2004


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The Organ was an all female Vancouver quintet. Formed in 2001, this ensemble gained rapid exposure with the release of their first EP, Sinking Hearts, helped by a live show that spirited them on stage with some of the most significant bands of the day. A critical and popular favorite, The Organ wrote melodic and introspective music based on layered interplay between their instrumentalists -- Debora Cohen, guitar; Ashley Webber, bass; Shelby Stocks, drums; Jenny Smyth, Hammond organ -- and the intimate and doleful lyrics of their lead singer, Katie Sketch.

The Organ's sound has been commented on and debated over from the very beginning. The band was consistently compared with the best songwriters of the early '80s new-wave, having written structured songs around minimal arrangements, and created a nuanced, textured sound that could be brooding and catchy at the same time. Whether it is the weaving counterpoint melodies between organ and bass, the lean, bell-like intonation of sparkling guitars, the charmed tenacity of the snare, or the suspended lamentation of Sketch's cascading vocals, much excitement was borne out of the desire to name The Organ's sound in precise terms. For their own part, the band accepted the associations with an amused detachment. "Originally I was trying to do something a little more rock, like Elastica," said Sketch, "but obviously it didn't work out that way."
1. Brother
2. Steven Smith
3. Love, Love, Love
4. Basement Band Song
5. Sinking Hearts
6. A Sudden Death
7. There is Nothing I Can Do
8. I Am Not Surprised
9. No One Has Ever Looked So Dead
10. Memorize the City
11. Hidden Track