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  • The Delgados - Peleton
  • 1. Everything Goes Around the Water
    2. The Arcane Model
    3. The Actress
    4. Clarinet
    5. Pull The Wires from the Wall
    6. Repeat Failure
    7. And So the Talking Stopped
    8. Don't Stop
    9. Blackpool
    10. Russian Orthodox
    11. The Weaker Argument Defeats the Stronger

The Delgados


Released 8 June 1998

The Delgados second album constituted something of a critical leap forward for them: much more skillfully realised as an album and featuring the band's first use of strings and woodwind, peloton received a lot of great reviews and seemed to cement The Delgados reputation as a band that would endure.

Recorded in CAVA studios in Glasgow it was the first time that The Delgados would work with Tony Doogan - who was to engineer and effectively co-produce every other album the band would record. Peloton was, in truth, not an easy album to record. It ought to be acknowledged that the four members of The Delgados did not often see eye to eye and the recording sessions for Peloton were particularly fractious at times - Emma and Stewart often having more than the odd cross word to say to each other. Not that it seemed to come across too conspicuously on the tracks themselves.