The Early Years

The Early Years

Beggars Banquet



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This product is not available in the EU store.

The chilling, psychedelia-drenched self-titled debut from this UK band is a dense mix of the trio's influences: Spiritualized, Mogwai, Television, Neu, and Tortoise. A sound that lies somewhere between their joint love for ambient noise, motorik beats, drones, feedback, harmony, and melody. They've been a fixture of late night MTV2 rotation, and recently created the soundtrack for a Nike World Cup commercial. The US version of this album contains a bonus disc with four additional tracks and two videos. "Within ten songs, The Early Years manage to run the gamut of emotional exploration that leaves you elated, desperate, and moved in such ways you had not felt since your own early years. Truly wondrous" - The Fly (UK).
1. All Ones And Zeros
2. Things
3. The Simple Solution
4. Brown Hearts
5. Song For Elizabeth
6. Musik Der Frühen Jahre
7. So Far Gone
8. High Times And Low Lives
9. Harmonic Interlude
10. This Ain't Happiness