the arkive

  •  - Touch And Let Go
  • 1. Touch and Let Go
    2. I Need You
    3. Small Town
    4. Nothing But a Friend
    5. Can't Blame Me
    6. Stay with You
    7. Same Mistakes
    8. Only in the Night
    9. Won't Work
    10. It's a Story

Eternal Triangle

Touch And Let Go

Situation Two
Released 4 May 1984

Eternal Triangle was an underrated British New Wave band, and they released their only album ‘Touch and Let Go’ on Situation Two in 1984, along with two singles ‘Only in the Night’ and ‘Nothing But a Friend’. The band’s two vocalists Steve Skolnik and Nicola Hitchcock went on to successful careers – Nicola Hitchcock released albums in the 1990s as a solo artist and with the trip-hop band Mandalay, while Steve Skolnik became an artisan furniture maker!