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Random - A Gary Numan Tribute

Beggars Banquet



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Gary Numan's music has been sampled on hits by Basement Jaxx, Sugababes, and Afrika Bambaataa among others but this was the album that started his critical renaissance. Featuring exclusive new interpretations of Numan's songs, the variety of styles illuminates the unexpected diversity of the material. The list of artists putting their spins on Numan's songs is unique. Damon Albarn + Matt Sharp of Weezer doing "We Have A Technical", The Magnetic Fields playing "I Die, You Die" among others.
01 Saint Etienne - Stormtrooper In Drag
02 Matt Sharp And Damon Albarn - We Have A Technical
03 Gravity Kills - Poetry And Power
04 Peck Slip - I Can't Stop
05 An Pierlé - Are 'Friends' Electric?
06 EMF - We Are Glass
07 The Magnetic Fields - I Die : You Die
08 Jesus Jones - We Are So Fragile
09 Posh - She's Got Claws
10 Earl Brutus - M.E.
11 Underdog - Films
12 Sukia Me! - I Disconnect From You
13 The Orb - Jo The Waiter (Bon Apetit Remix)
14 Kenickie - I'm An Agent
15 Jimi Tenor - Down In The Park
16 Moloko - Are 'Friends' Electric?
17 Chris Holmes - Remember I Was Vapour
18 Towering Inferno - Metal
19 Dubstar - Everyday I Die
20 Amanda Ghost - Absolution
21 Deadsy - Replicas
22 Pop Will Eat Itself - Friends
23 Republica - Are 'Friends' Electric?
24 Windscale - War Songs
25 Bis - We Are So Fragile
26 Dave Clarke - Cars