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  • Bauhaus - Shadow Of Light/Archive
    1. bela lugosi's dead
    2. telegram sam
    3. rosegarden funeral of sores
    4. mask
    5. spirit
    6. in the flat field
    7. ziggy stardust
    8. hollow hills
    9. she's in parties

    1. lagartija nick
    2. the passion of lovers
    3. kick in the eye
    4. a god in an alcove
    5. dancing
    6. hair of the dog
    7. stigmata martyr
    8. dark entries
    9. we love our audience
    10. sanity assassin


Shadow Of Light/Archive

Beggars Banquet
Released 6 December 2005

This DVD consists of 2 chapters containing all the Bauhaus promotional videos in addition to live performances recorded at London’s Old Vic Theater in 1982. Originally released on two VHS videos in 1984, it is a contemporaneous document of the first incarnation of this legendary band that ended up surprisingly stealing the show with their entrancing performance at Coachella 2005. When they disbanded in 1983, the individual members Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins found success both as solo artists and as members of Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail and Dalis Car. However, as you’ll see on this dvd – there’s a certain night music that only happens when the four become Bauhaus…