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  • Buffalo Tom - Asides from Buffalo Tom: 1988-1999
  • 1. Summer
    2. Soda Jerk
    3. Taillights Fade
    4. Mineral
    5. Kitchen Door
    6. Enemy
    7. Sunflower Suit
    8. Tree House
    9. Larry
    10. Postcard
    11. Tangerine
    12. Rachael
    13. I'm Allowed
    14. Birdbrain
    15. Velvet Roof
    16. Going Underground
    17. Late at Night
    18. Wiser (Edit)

Buffalo Tom

Asides from Buffalo Tom: 1988-1999

Beggars Banquet
Released 22 August 2000

Buffalo Tom began life as a trio of pre-grunge, neo-psychedelic guitar maulers, but over the next dozen years they matured into a considerably more dynamic and intelligent band, capable of generating crunching rockers or acoustic ballads with equal precision, all of which possessed heart, soul, and a compassionate intelligence.

Asides from Buffalo Tom is a compilation of singles and choice album tracks. A splendid introduction!