Buffalo Tom

Big Red Letter Day

Beggars Banquet

Released September 21, 1993


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This product is not available in the EU store.

Buffalo Tom began life as a trio of pre-grunge, neo-psychedelic guitar maulers, but over the next dozen years they matured into a considerably more dynamic and intelligent band, capable of generating crunching rockers or acoustic ballads with equal precision, all of which possessed heart, soul, and a compassionate intelligence.

Unlike their last two albums, Big Red Letter Day didn't display much in the way of unexpected new sides to BT - it just found them doing what they do very well indeed, with more body and gloss to the production, and anyone who loves the band will enjoy this record. Features crowd favorite, "Sodajerk" which, in addition to "Late At Night" was featured on the classic TV show "My So Called Life".
1. Sodajerk
2. I'm Allowed
3. Tree House
4. Would Not Be Denied
5. Latest Monkey
6. My Responsibility
7. Dry Land
8. Torch Singer
9. Late at Night
10. Suppose
11. Anything That Way