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  • Buffalo Tom - Birdbrain
  • 1. Birdbrain
    2. Skeleton Key
    3. Caress
    4. Guy Who is Me
    5. Enemy
    6. Crawl
    7. Fortune Teller
    8. Baby
    9. Directive
    10. Bleeding Heart
    11. Heaven
    12. Reason Why

Buffalo Tom


Beggars Banquet
Released 24 September 1990

From the first notes of Birdbrain, it was clear the band had done more then their share of growing up since their self-titled debut. Just as roadword had firmed up Buffalo Tom's sound, their songwriting was also steadily improving.

"[Birdbrain] boasts most of Buffalo Tom's best songs. The exquisite "Enemy" features a dramatic chorus nailed down by a killer riff; "Baby" is an unpretentiously lovely throwaway. The giddy propulsion of "Guy Who Is Me" and "Directive" make the tracks as invigorating as a cold shower. Providing a taste of things to come, the CD closes with two acoustic bonus tracks, "Reason Why" (a song off the first LP) and a cover of the Psychedelic Furs' "Heaven." - Trouser Press