the arkive

  • Natacha Atlas - 5 cd box
  • Diaspora
    1-1. Iskanderia
    1-2. Leysh Nat’arak
    1-3. Diaspora
    1-4. Yalla Chant
    1-5. Alhambra (Pt.1)
    1-6. Duden
    1-7. Feres
    1-8. Fun Does Not Exist
    1-9. Dub Yalil
    1-10. Iskanderia (Atlas Zamalek)
    1-11. Diaspora (Balloon Theatre Mix)
    1-12. Fun Does Not Exist (Dolmus Mix)

    2-1. Marifnaash
    2-2. Moustahil
    2-3. Amulet
    2-4. Leyli
    2-5. Kidda
    2-6. Sweeter Than Any Sweets
    2-7. Ya Weledi
    2-8. Enogoom Wil Amar
    2-9. Andeel
    2-10. Gafsa
    2-11. Ya Albi Ehda
    2-12. Agib

    3-1. Mon Amie La Rose
    3-2. Aqaba
    3-3. Mistaneek
    3-4. Bahlam
    3-5. Ezzay
    3-6. Bastet
    3-7. The Righteous Path
    3-8. Mahlabeya
    3-9. Bilaadi
    3-10. Kifaya
    3-11. One Brief Moment

    4-1. Shubra
    4-2. I Put A Spell On You
    4-3. Ashwa
    4-4. Ayeshteni
    4-5. Soleil D’Egypte
    4-6. Ne Me Quitte Pas
    4-7. Mish Fadilak
    4-8. Rah
    4-9. Leisama
    4-10. Fakrenha
    4-11. Manbai

    Something Dangerous
    5-1. Adam’s Lullaby
    5-2. Eye Of The Duck
    5-3. Something Dangerous
    5-4. Janamaan
    5-5. Just Like A Dream
    5-6. (It’s A Man’s Man’s) Man’s World
    5-7. Layali
    5-8. Simple Heart
    5-9. Daymalhum
    5-10. Who’s My Baby
    5-11. When I Close My Eyes
    5-12. This Realm
    5-13. Le Printemps
    5-14. Like The Last Drop

Natacha Atlas

5 cd box

Released 13 May 2013

With limited rack space available, few stores can stock artist’s catalogues in depth. Equally it’s increasingly difficult for labels to justify manufacturing the slower selling titles. Most acts have one or two titles in their catalogue that sell regularly but it’s invertible that other titles have a more limited demand. To combat this, and keep albums available digitally in a higher sound quality format, Beggars Archive launched a series of 5 Album CD box sets. The sets are targeted at both fans and casual buyers who are interested in the artists but may not know their work in depth.

This set is a straight-forward box containing Natacha's first five solo albums: Diaspora, Halim, Gedida, Ayeshteni and Something Dangerous. As a solo artist and as singer with Trans Global Underground, the Anglo-Egyptian singer has spent more than two decades fusing electronic beats with North African and Arabic music, finding links between seemingly disparate musical genres, exploring new and different sonic settings and working with a wealth of like-minded collaborators from across the world along the way.