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  • Natacha Atlas - The Best Of Natacha Atlas
  • 1. Leysh Nat' Arak (new version)
    2. Mon Amie La Rose
    3. Eye of the Duck
    4. Ezzay
    5. Fakrenha
    6. Mistaneek (2005 edit)
    7. Leysh Nat' Arak (TJ Rehmi remix)
    8. You Only Live Twice
    9. Yalla Chant (2005 edit)
    10. Fun Does Not Exist (new version)
    11. I Put a Spell on You
    12. (It's a Man's Man's) Man's World
    13. Amulet (2005 edit)
    14. Kidda
    15. Leysh Nat' Arak (2005 dub mix)
    16. Le Printemps
    17. Moustahil (live) (hidden track)

Natacha Atlas

The Best Of Natacha Atlas

Released 23 May 2005

A former singer for technopop band TransGlobal Underground and collaborator with artists from Robert Plant & Jimmy Page to Jah Wobble, Atlas has continued to explore the fusion of her musical roots with western electronic, dance music. While Option Magazine explained, "(Atlas) has a beautiful voice, which sounds curiously like a blend between traditional Middle Eastern singers and Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins", The Wire wrote, "buoyed by her devotional calling and the chatter of programmed beats, she swoops, glides and goes reaching for the heavens in a way that needs no translation".