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  • Pink Rhythm - Melodies Of Love
  • 1. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love (7” Version)
    2 India (7” Version)
    3. Melodies of Love
    4. Walking in the Rain
    5. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love
    6. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Dub
    7. India
    8. Trust Me
    9. More and More
    10. India (Instrumental)
    11. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love (Instrumental)
    12. More & More (Instrumental)

Pink Rhythm John Rocca Freeez

Melodies Of Love

Beggars Banquet
Released 3 March 2017

Pink Rhythm is available for the first time on Digital services as an album (previously only available as 3 separate EPs)

Pink Rhythm were a mid 80’s evolution of Freeez. Freeez were a dance music group from London, known initially as one of the UK's main jazz-funk bands of the early 1980s. Initiated by John Rocca, Freeez consisted of various musicians, originally with Rocca and others such as Andy Stennet (keyboards), Peter Maas (bass guitar) and Paul Morgan or Everton McCalla (drums). They had an international hit with "IOU", and a UK Top 10 with "Southern Freeez".