5 cd box

Beggars Banquet

Released November 2013


Format: CD

This product is not available in the US store, but you can buy it from our EU store.

This product is not available in the EU store.

This 5-CD box set contains a quintet of re-mastered albums: In the Flat Field, Mask, the Sky's Gone Out, Burning from the Inside and Singles (a compilation of the non-album tracks excluding BBC recordings). This set also included the first official release of the rare cover of 'Spirit in the Sky' (originally featured on an ultra-rare fan club-only single) and the live-with-studio-vocals version of 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'.
In The Flat Field
1-1 Double Dare
1-2 In The Flat Field
1-3 A God In An Alcove
1-4 Dive
1-5 The Spy In The Cab
1-6 Small Talk Stinks
1-7 St. Vitus Dance
1-8 Stigmata Martyr
1-9 Nerves

2-1 Hair Of The Dog
2-2 The Passion Of Lovers
2-3 Of Lillies And Remains
2-4 Dancing
2-5 Hollow Hills
2-6 Kick In The Eye 2
2-7 In Fear Of Fear
2-8 Muscle In Plastic
2-9 The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
2-10 Mask

The Sky´s Gone Out
3-1 Third Uncle
3-2 Silent Hedges
3-3 In The Night
3-4 Swing The Heartache
3-5 Spirit
3-6 The Three Shadows Part 1
3-7 The Three Shadows Part 2
3-8 The Three Shadows Part 3
3-9 All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
3-10 Exquisite Corpse

Burning From The Inside
4-1 She´s In Parties
4-2 Antonin Artaud
4-3 Wasp
4-4 King Volcano
4-5 Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?
4-6 Slice Of Life
4-7 Honeymoon Croon
4-8 Kingdom´s Coming
4-9 Burning From The Inside
4-10 Hope

5-1 Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
5-2 Poison Pen
5-3 Telegram Sam
5-4 Ziggy Stardust
5-5 Dark Entries
5-6 Scopes
5-7 The Sanity Assassin
5-8 Spirit (7" Version)
5-9 Lagartija Nick
5-10 Earwax
5-11 Watch That Grandad Go
5-12 Third Uncle (Single Edit)
5-13 Terror Couple Kill Colonel
5-14 In Fear Of Dub
5-15 Kick In The Eye (Single Remix)
5-16 She´s In Parties (Single Edit)
5-17 Crowds
5-18 Paranoia, Paranoia
5-19 Spirit In The Sky
5-20 Bela Lugosi´s Dead (Tomb Raider Mix)