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  • Love And Rockets - Hot Trip To Heaven
  • 1. Body and Soul, Pts. 1 & 2
    2. Ugly
    3. Trip & Glide
    4. This Heaven
    5. No Worries
    6. Hot Trip To Heaven
    7. Eclipse
    8. Voodoo Baby
    9. Be the Revolution
    10. Set Me Free

Love and Rockets

Hot Trip To Heaven

Beggars Banquet
Released 26 September 1994

From Trouser Press:

Few bands ever return from a five-year sabbatical, and fewer still come back to create something vital and new after such an extended hibernation. By the early 1990s, it appeared Love and Rockets had splintered irrevocably into solo careers, but the threesome weren't quitters, having shown similar survival instincts when they initially founded their successor to Bauhaus. Beyond the simple surprise of resurrection, Love and Rockets' Hot Trip to Heaven is a radical rethink, opening the trio's sound to admit ambient and electronic influences. "Body and Soul," the Orb-like opener — clocking in at fourteen-plus hypnotic minutes — signals the change with pulsing cycles of electrotones and whispered vocals, then reaches an endless, chiming main phase of repetitive psychedelic melodies that pay homage to two longstanding Love and Rockets touchstones, Brian Eno and the Beatles. A penchant for diversity works hand in hand with the band's fresh, creative ideas, from the mysterious chugging dance beat of "Ugly" to the torchy, sitar-laden "No Worries" and the Bolan-meets-Seal atmospherics of "Trip and Glide" (gilded with wordless vocals by Natacha Atlas on loan from Transglobal Underground). Adorned with arousing samples and a distorted rap, "This Heaven" flirts with Stereo MCs-style alterna-house, while the brooding bassline and tingling keys of "Voodoo Baby" strongly recall David Lynch composer Angelo Badalamenti. With a vocal by bassist David J that is both wiry and wry, "Be the Revolution" circles itself mesmerizingly. Not until the title track, halfway through the album, does Daniel Ash even unholster his signature fuzz guitar (actually fuzz bass).

"a masterpiece ahead of it's time" - Westword