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  • Love And Rockets - Love And Rockets/Swing
  • Love And Rockets
    1.1 **** (Jungle Law)
    1.2 No Big Deal
    1.3 The Purest Blue
    1.4 Motorcycle
    1.5 I Feel Speed
    1.6 Bound For Hell
    1.7 The Teardrop Collector
    1.8 So Alive
    1.9 Rock And Roll Babylon
    1.10 No Words No More

    Bonus Tracks
    1.11 Bike
    1.12 Bikedance
    1.13 No Big Deal (12" Remix)
    1.14 Dreamtime

    2.1 Wake Up
    2.2 Cuckoo Land
    2.3 Early Worm
    2.4 1000 Watts Of Your Love
    2.5 Bad Monkey

    Bonus Tracks - Radio Session
    2.6 Introduction
    2.7 1000 Watts Of Your Love
    2.8 No Words No More
    2.9 Interview

Love and Rockets

Love And Rockets/Swing


Beggars Banquet
Released 10 December 2002

The band's self-titled fourth album was their breakthrough. It containing the massive worldwide hit "So Alive" which turned them into household names. This edition of the album is available as a remastered, expanded, double CD edition with bonus tracks and includes the previously unissued "Swing" ep as well as a live radio session.