The Charlatans


Beggars Banquet

Released 1995-08-28


Format: Digital

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The Charlatans demonstrated signs of a revival on Up To Our Hips, yet that record in no way suggested the full-fledged return to form of this album, the group's fourth and most ambitious, focused and successful yet which returned them back to the number one slot in the charts. The Charlatans is rated 84 in the Melody Maker's top 100 albums of all-time list from 2000.
1. Nine Acre Court
2. Feeling Holy
3. Just Lookin'
4.Crashin' In
5.Bullet Comes
6.Here Comes a Soul Saver
7.Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over
8.Tell Everyone
10.No Fiction
11.See It Through
12.Thank You