The Charlatans

Melting Pot

Beggars Banquet

Released February 23rd, 1998


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This product is not available in the EU store.

When the Charlatans emerged with "The Only One I Know" in 1991, there were countless bands similar to them, but they immediately catapulted to the forefront of the Madchester scene, standing alongside such icons as The Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays. They had such success because they not only could ride the groove, like so many Madchester bands, but they could also write great songs, drawing partially from the 60s-saturated Roses and the Rolling Stones. These were the gifts that made them among the greatest British survivors of their time, rolling through tragedy and stylistic changes to amass a terrific little body of work - one that was modern enough to play in clubs (they were the first rock band to embrace the Chemical Brothers, after all) but classicist enough to stand the test of time.

With the minimum of fuss and hype, and by building up a loyal fan-base through their live shows, The Charlatans became one of the biggest UK bands of the 90s and had an incredible run of hit singles throughout the decade. Here they are, alongside choice album cuts.
1. The Only One I Know
2. Then
3. Opportunity Three (from Over Rising EP)
4. Over Rising (from Over Rising EP)
5. Sproston Green (US version) (1991 Non-Album Single and B-Side to "Weirdo")
6. Weirdo
7. Theme from the Wish (B-Side of "Weirdo")
8. Patrol (The Chemical Brothers mix) (B-Side of "Jesus Hairdo")
9. Can't Get Out of Bed
10. I Never Want an Easy Life If Me and He Were Ever to Get There
11. Jesus Hairdo
12. Crashin' In
13. Just Lookin'
14. Here Comes a Soul Saver
15. Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over
16. One to Another
17. North Country Boy