The Charlatans UK

Between 10th and 11th

Beggars Banquet

Released 1992

BBL 37

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Between 10th and 11th is the second album by The Charlatans, originally released in 1992. It contained the band's biggest US hit, "Weirdo" which landed at #1 on the Alternative songs chart. Produced by Flood, you can hear the pure crispness in the audio.

Entertainment Weekly said that "Between 10th and 11th consolidates the band’s riveting, hypnotic attack, all musical tips o’ the hat to the ’60s and ’70s, smeared over a smorgasbord of unrelenting dance beats and topped with hook (”I Don’t Want to See the Sights”) after hook (”Weirdo”)."

PopMatters wrote fondly of the album around it's 20th anniversary...."In any case, if the album is an abrupt turn away from the easy dance-pop of Some Friendly, it is also a quantum leap in musical maturity and sophistication. Gone is the jaunty shuffle rhythm that permeated every track on the debut, replaced by more subtle yet evocative playing from drummer Jon Brookes. Calmer does not necessarily mean lighter, either, as evidenced by "Weirdo" and the divebombing guitars of "The End of Everything". Throughout, Collins' playing is rougher and more bluesy than Baker's was, combining with bassist Martin Blunt's deep, propulsive grooves to give the Charlatans a newfound edge. And the material is powerful, each song dropping you in on a different aspect of the band's troubled psyche".
1. I Don't Want to See the Sights
2. Ignition
3. Page One
4. Tremelo Song
5. The End of Everything
6. Subtitle
7. Can't Even Be Bothered
8. Weirdo
9. Chewing Gum Weekend
10.(No One) Not Even the Rain